Lung disease doubled

In the last twelve month since I have been on I have lost my DLA my lung disease has doubled I have lost my partner to another man and I have been in prison but a few weeks back I nearly lost me to pills, 12mnth back I was driving a shogun 18 horses finacially ok now penniless astra pokey flat I have been introduced to a fellowship group at a local farm who have kept me propped up, supprising who comes out of the woodwork

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That's so true, hope things improve for you soon, keep your chin up.



Hi Reggie, sometimes life does not go the way we want it to, but it looks like you have light at the end of the tunnel with the support group. Stay with it, if you have been successful once maybe you can do it again.

Best of luck


thankyou feel awful this am

Hi Reggie. Sorry you 've had such a bad time. You don't say where you are. In Kent there's a support group for ex-offenders -'UNLOCK' (01634247350) and in London 'One -Step'. Also the CAB may be able to advise you about support groups and don't forget The Samaritans offer a great service when you need to talk. The De Paul Trust may also be able to offer you help regarding your flat, if not they may be able to point you in the direction of someone who can help you. I am sorry if I am teaching you to suck eggs. It's great that you have found a fellowship group, I hope it's offering the support you need. If you're on licence shouldn't your probation officer be helping??? Take care and good luck x

Its the prob and the ppu that are ushering me to end it I phoned social services yesterday and told them of my illness and what was happening and they where appalled I am expecting a call back from them today to see if I am entitled to an adult social worker thankyou for your words and yes I can suck eggs

Hang on in there!~! Don't give up now. You can't go through a long prison sentence then give up at the last hurdle! Please see your doctor too. You sound depressed (no wonder!) I hope the phone call goes well and without sounding like you're great Aunt Bessie, accept any help that is offered - don't let pride get in the way. You've done your time, you need to look forward to good times now and there will be plenty - this is the difficult time - the transition between prison and 'real' life. There are people to help you with this (on 'The Road' :-) You just need to be shown where. Let us know how you get on. We all care about you! keep safe x

Morning Reggie,

Fingers crossed you will get somewhere today with social services. There is so much help out there for people who need it, its just not that easily accessible sometimes. 4 years ago Reggie, I lost my home, my car, almost everything and thought what's the point but I had a 2 yr old at the time and a fantastic mum and dad and with help and support and sheer determination I made it. But what I remind myself is that there is always someone worse off than me and since being on here, reading how people struggle with the simplest of things in their day to day lives, I count myself as a lucky one. I have a lot to be thankful for. I would trade in what I have now for my dad to get his health back.............he is priceless.

Take care Reggie and I hope you get where you want to be swn xx

how terrible. hope your life improves, you certainly need help. listen to the others on this site. they care .hope it improves for you in the near future. there must be help out there.

take care

Hi Reggie

I'm sorry to read of all the problems you have been experiencing, it can be very hard to keep going when it seems whatever we do nothing gets better.

As the other members have said, there is help out there - why don't you call us at the helpline?

We are here to help - not judge or criticise in any way. 03000 030 555.

Best Wishes


Morning Reggie.

Keep up with the whatever the fellowship offers, there Is light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to be able to see it, hope you do.

There are many wonderfull people on here to listen to your "rants" anytime, you will not be judged, so go ahead just rant away.

We all need a release and some sympathy along our journey in this life, you're not asking for more than you need, so carry on,

Here's hoping for better days ahead.


Thankyou all its now 11 20 aint took my pills or breakfast now find a glass of wine in my hand and hate for my ex but miss my little boy your comments have left tears in my eyes thankyou again

Go for it reggie with the Social worker, but put down the glass of wine, take your pills and eat breakfast, ring BLF helpline and get yourself ready for some words of action that is going to help you turn your life back round again.

Wishing you every success. Be strong, think Winning.


Hi Reggie, I'm realy sorry you are having a tough time of it at the moment.I know you are deserving of better and the first place to start is with yourself. You need to feel love for you,you can treat yourself tonight to a glass or two of wine and I'll join you then but right now you need some lunch as you missed breakfast.Write this down...The past is past, the future unwritten,the present is now and where you and I and everyone is, so start living in the now,make the best of your life NOW because you can turn your life around in this way,

You could do with support so phone and get some help,you can and will live the life you choose.Think of what you want for you and your son and make it happen!sending hugs,Carol

thankyou am listening to my fav album deep forest and crying I dont think I will get thru today I now recon if i drink enough I will sleep

Reggie if you drink enough you will maybe sleep but if you drink enough you will also die. What will become of you and your son then I don't think you want him to think of you as someone who has failed. You never fail until you stop trying I hope and pray that you don't stop trying. Emotional ties with men and women come and go and I hope you will not let yourself be beaten by some adult when you have a boy who will be looking up to you all his life, you are the only dad he will ever have, he needs good memories of you as the man you can be. Dump the drink it will double your fight and it is difficult enough sober.

I love deep forest too, it reminds me of happy days. Sleep is a great healer Reggie,it's good for you, they say ( who's they?) before you drift off,think of things you love or what you would like to see in your life and as you sleep your subconcious mind gets busy on making things happen! sweet dreams,tommorow is a new day...a fresh start...never give up,you have the power. :) xxx


Hi Reggie

What's all this about you miss your little boy?

Don't you have access to see him?

It doesn't matter wether your an ex-offender or anything, you have served your time and in the eyes of the law your debt to society has been paid in full.

You have your own flat and due to this in the eyes of the law you are self sufficient.

It is unlawfull for anyone to discriminate against you because of this prison sentence, and if your ex is stopping you from seeing your little boy, call social services, they will contact your ex and threaten her with court action unless she agrees to "visits" for you to see him.

The only way she could stop you from seeing your son is if she could prove that you have been violent towards him or are a drug addict or an alcoholic, even then visits are almost always granted under supervision, with the exception of violence towards him.

You can believe this as I am a barrister for the Crown Court

best wishes


I am sorry to hear this Reggie, but the support group sounds as if it is going to be a real help, just keep busy, find your niche in life ( we all have one ) how ever small. Good Luck and remember we all have a past, but we make our future, over to you,x

Reggie,at one time, i used to tell myself, there HAS to be light at the end of this tunnel.....i believed that too......finally there was light..... your support group, and the advice on here could be the way foreward for you too ,,i made it, so can you, yeah!!! xxx M

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