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Last week the Helpline welcomed a new nurse to the team - Vicky. She joins Barbara, Jan and Muriel - and each of them is here to offer individual advice and information about the treatment and management of any of the many lung conditions out there.

Biddy, Carol and Jo are our specialist adviser team - they provide general information about lung conditions - but are also specialists in the day to day practical issues linked to living with a lung condtion such as welfare benefits,compensation issues, research trials, social care etc etc.

Andrea, Kelly and Terrel are our Helpline Officers - they are usually the first people you will speak to when you call and will make sure you get to speak to the right person - but also are able to offer advice on practical issues such as arranging oxygen for holidays, finding your nearest Breathe Easy support group, etc.

Helen is our counsellor - she's here to provide support to anyone with the emotional aspects of living with a lung condition - anxiety, stress, panic attacks etc - she is here to listen and hopefully help you to deal with your thoughts and feelings.

Joe, Paul and Jen are our volunteers who help on the clerical side - making sure leaflets are posted out to people, photocopying - basically anything that helps to keep the office running smoothly.

I know we often suggest you call the Helpline to discuss some issues with one of the team - that's because it's sometimes difficult to give the individual depth of advice that we feel some questions need. Having said that we are planning to chip into more discussions where appropriate with some general information - but I have to say the quality of much of the information given by everyone may make it pretty difficult for us to add anything of benefit - so don't be surprised if we don't chip in to everything.

If you have any questions about the Helpline or suggestions about how you would like to see the Helpline team involved with the community just let me know.



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  • **waves to Vicky (and the other members of the 'A' Team too) ** Hellooooooooo Vicky.....and welcome :)

  • :) thank you Mark

  • Thank you mark from a newbie :-)

  • Thank you mark..

  • Hi

    I'm afraid I don't know who may have copd or any other condition - respiratory or otherwise.

  • Patient Advocates are a big part of representing and advising does it happen for the BLF

  • Hi

    The BLF does campaign - a lot of campaigning is done by the Breathe Easy groups. We also have a small campaign team in our London Office who co-ordinate the BLF campaign work. We just don't have the ability to campaign on all issues as we are a relatively small organisation - see

    We also support User representatives see -



  • sorry not said thank you before..i received your leaflets a couple of weeks ago and had also phoned your help line, and spoke to some one who told me about things in my local area.i have seen our stand in doctor,not my usual one who i have now changed he explained more to me.and am still waiting to see a c.o p.d. nurse.the doctor said my lungs were bad and gave me antibiotics and steroids,i was feeling a bit better but finished them yesterday and feel crap today.not used to feeling like this..did tell jo.newton all about its a long story.what do you think i should do ...

  • Give me a call on 03000 030 555 - or send a private message to me with your phone number and I'll call you.


  • I think it is a great idea to chip in on more of the blogs and questions posted, be nice to see more of you all!

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