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Travel insurance from motability

Hi everyone,

I have read a few times on here about horrendous insurance quotes for us copd sufferers and i have experienced it myself (£800 for 2 weeks in spain) and some people are being quoted over £2000.well this is just to let anyone who uses motability that they are now doing travel insurance with a major insurance company.i don't think i was asked to fill in any medical questions and i was quoted under £60 for both myself and my partner to go to spain for 2 weeks in spain.i havent taken the deal up yet as i am scared incase i have any problems while on the plane as i hate people looking at me if i do struggle for breath.i loved my holidays abroad before i was diagnosed with COPD 3 years ago and i miss my holidays abroad and feel sorry for my partner as she loved going abroad aswell.if you use motability go onto their website and look under TRAVEL INSURANCE.it only takes minutes to put your details in and you are given a quote straight away.hope this helps some of you from getting ripped off by rip off travel insurance companies,good luck

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HI Stuwer, on reading your blog I thought it was my birthday lol, as both myself and my husband has COPD I thought that we would never be able to go abroad again because of the cost of the insurance, but now you seem to have given us a new lease of life Thankyou

Best Wishes Julia x

Your welcome julia.im having one of my usual sleepless nights and i was just reading through some blogs and i came across someone with this problem but i had forgot to put a blog up to let everyone know (how stupid of me).hope you get a nice quote and enjoy a nice well deserved holiday with your husband

Stuart x

Are you absolutely sure that your quote from Motability covers your medical condition? I looked at their website and it seems to me that you have been quoted for a standard policy. If you have an "allowed condition" you are covered for that, but any medical problem other than that must be disclosed and will significantly affect the premium quoted. The faq on their website says that you would need to purchase a "medical top up". I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I really think that this Policy will be no less expensive than any other.

I may have missed that huwiehex,but i cannot remember seeing that part.i will need to check again when i feel better but if its on motabilitys website its pretty obvious that anyone with mobility needs and wouldnt qualify for a basic insurance quote but i cant say for sure, all i know is i put my details in and it didnt ask any medical questions but as you said there could be a part i missed but will certainly look into it.when we recieve our quarterly booklet from motability they had an article about the travel insurance and said it was specifically set up and only covers motability customers.hope to get back to you all soon with what i find out


I asked for a quote for a holiday in Europe for 14 days, just to check the system. In the response, above the part where it gives the cost, the following text appears:

"You asked for SingleTrip travel insurance excluding winter sports to cover you on a trip to Europe lasting up to 14 days.

Choose the Motability Insurance base policy cover you want below.

After you’ve bought your base policy, if you need additional medical cover for conditions not on the allowed conditions list you can easily call the ACE Medical Referral Line FREE on 0800 519 9876 to purchase a medical top-up.

Alternatively if you know the base policy you’d like, you can call the ACE Medical Referral Line to get a quote and buy your top-up first. You then have 14 days to buy the base policy."

There are no medical questions asked before the quotation. But that quotation is for a standard policy, for people with no significant medical problems.

I thought that I had found the answer to my prayers when I saw stuwer's heading, but then I read on ...........

From the Motability Travel Insurance website .........

"Medical Conditions

Q – I have a medical condition, can I be covered?

A- Before you buy a policy, we ask you to confirm that: 1 - No person to be insured is waiting for medical investigation, referral, treatment or results. 2 - I accept that the Policy applied for will not cover any Person Insured for existing medical conditions other than allowed conditions and that if any Person Insured needs cover for any other condition that is not an allowed conditions they must contact the ACE Medical Referral Line. 3) – I understand that if I am buying an annual Multi Trip Policy, that I must be able to confirm the above statements before booking any journey to be insured under the Policy, and that if there is a change in any medical condition already declared by a Person Insured they must contact the ACE Medical Referral Line.

If a Person Insured needs cover for medical conditions not on the allowed conditions list, they can contact the ACE Medical Referral Line FREE on 0800 519 9876. The line is open Mon to Fri (9am - 7pm), Sat (9am - 4pm).

A medical top up can be purchased immediately after the base policy or within 14 days. Alternatively if you know the base policy you’d like, you can call the ACE Medical Referral Line to get a quote and buy your top-up first. You then have 14 days to buy the base policy.

Both policies must be purchased before your departure date.

When you buy a medical top-up there will be additional costs made up of a screening fee of £11.63 and extra premium based on the Person Insured’s medical conditions.

If a condition is not covered, we will not pay for any costs directly or indirectly related to that condition. For example, if a Person Insured had an existing lung problem and got a chest infection on holiday, they might be more ill, and take longer to get better, than someone without an existing lung problem. If this happened, the most Motability Travel Insurance would pay would be for the reasonable costs of treatment that someone without a lung condition might have to pay."

So you see........... it always pays to read things carefully :(

I'm going to give the ACE Medical Referral Line a call today and will let you all know the outcome, but I bet it's not that good ........... *sighs*

Snap !! HuwieHex :)

I've just come off the phone to ACE Medical Screening. My Motability Travel Insurance premium was quoted as £45, but after medical screening, the "top-up" amount (in addition to the £45 and including my COPD) is £1908.71.

So no change there then ......................................... looks like I won't be visiting my daughter this year.

I know the premium is elevated due to the fact that I've had 4 hospital admissions in the past 12 months, but I stilll feel that these companies are taking advantage of COPD patients, especially where we are travelling to countries that have a reciprocal agreement with the UK.

Have you tried any on this site myholidayinsurance.com/Resp...

Well guys all i can do is apologise.i didnt see anything about a top up, all i saw was a quote for under £60 but if thats a basic policy its very expensive as when i was fine i was getting holiday insurance for approx £10-£13 each for my partner and myself so i thought that because it had more than doubled that was because i had a medical condition and as they were working with motability then that was a great price.how naive could i have been , so once again i do apologise


Saga is much cheaper. :)

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