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Good News!!!

just had a lovely phone call from our local Blue Badge team.....apparently the O.T's have reviewed my application and decided I dont need to go for an badge is on its way!!

Many thanks to my consultant who sent a very strongly worded letter in support of my application.

such a huge relief!!

with a big smile :-))))

Mrs S xxx

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yayyy!!! great news.

Marie x


Brilliant news - I can only hope that 'someone' is following the various stories and will use our experiences to make the application path easier, or at least the same all over the country.

Getting help like that from a consultant must have been a real boost to your case. It's probably saved you a few weeks of the process, as well as the hassle of going for an assessment.


yes I'm sure the letter did the trick, it was fairly short and to the poijnt and left no room for umming and ahing also invited "them" to ring him for more information whether they did or not I'll never know......the best thing about it is that my hubby won't have to come with me on every single appointmtnt to the hosp etc as I'll be able to park close enough to walk in...the poor bloke is running out of holidays!!


Sounds like your hospital has some good disabled parking arrangements. At ours there are only a couple of spots in the main car park, which are always taken, but there are a few more hidden away near a side entrance, not far from out patients and A&E, if you know where to go.

Sadly, these are also abused by people who park there all day, not just for an appointment. The car park attendants can't do anything as the spots are not in their pay-for areas. The hospital don't seem to want to do anything either, claiming that they don't have anyone who can patrol the area, or do anything to stop this abuse.

I've noticed this more since I applied for my blue badge, looking at the spaces and checking to see if the blue badges were being displayed. I may be turning into Victor Meldrew with some of the comments I've made to people who are clearly not entitled to use these spaces.

I've heard excuses like 'I didn't know', 'I thought it was only for disabled between 9.30 and 3.30', through to the unprintable ones!

Daft thing was, we went to the supermarket on Saturday, and forgot the blue badge. It was still at home. I've ordered a wallet to put it in, but have been warned not to leave it in the car as that makes it a target to be broken in - you can win!


Great news :)


Well done Mrs. Shimmy good to hear you've got the badge you needed and all of these little victories (in my case giving up smoking) help our general wellbeing and it is good when people post their news good and bad as its helpful to everyone.




p.s. all you need now though is the parking space so you can use it lol! One of my bug bears, don't start me on that !!!!!!


Don't get me started either!!!!!!!!!!!! Not enough spaces and too many inconsiderate people out there! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!


Great news and hope you can now park with ease! xxxxxx


Great news well done.


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