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Oxygen machine

I was in for 3 operations on my knee in 12 months and when i came round from my operation i woke up with an oxygen mask on and was kept in recovery for over an hour (10 mins usually) then got taken to my room and put onoxygen for another 2 hours.i asked the nurse why i was on oxtgen and she said my breathing was bad during my operation and my stats had dropped really low.she asked me if i had ever enquired about oxygen from my doctor as it would help me when im out and about as i get very breathless walking.can i buy an oxcygen machine (portable) to see if it helps me when out and about or do i need my doctor/nurse to prescribe me one?the last 3 times iv been to my consultant (iv had 3 different ones the last 3 times iv been there) and all say they are going to discharge me from the clinic as the 3 inhalers,nebuliser and tablets im on are the strongest youcan get,but when i feel really breathless or have a bad chest infection i always contact them and tell them i need to see a consultant.she has referred me onto the practice nurse at my doctors now and he sees me once a year.i think they are trying it with alot of people to get their figures to a reasonable level

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This sounds unusual! If you have COPD you shouldn't be discharged.

Oxygen won't help your breathlessness, that's not what it's for but yes you can buy an oxygen concentrator but your RNS will be able to advise the best one for you and will be able to tell in seconds if oxygen is needed. If your Health care professionals have not mentioned it before then I would imagine you don't need oxygen at all.



I was diagnosed with COPD and ASTHMA in june 09 mike and i was put on symbicort 400/12,spiriva (18 microgrammes),ventolin inhaler,mucodyne (375mg) and i was advised (by my consultant) that i needed a nebuliser in 2010 with 5mg (3 times a day) and i started seeing the consultant every 6 months,then it was changed to yearly (by a different respitory doc),then told twice ( by 2 other docs)i was being taken off the clinic list as there was nothing more they could give me as i was on the strongest medication possible and they were passing me onto my practice first appointment with him was Jan 12 and i will see him yearly from now on,apart from seeing himto get my yearly flu jab in october.can i tell the docs in the hospital that i DO NOT want to be taken off the clinic list as i thought i just have to go with what they tell me?any advice will be appreciated


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