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Newly diagnosed just to introduce myself

Hi everyone just wanted to say hello to you all I have been reading the posts everyday since May and find this to be a great site with so many nice people and so much information to help many people who are all living with or caring for some one with a lung disease.

This is a first for me so hope I have done it right I am 54 and at the severe stage with copd a fev of 41% found this out after collapsing at the doctors thinking I had a chest infection and being rushed into hospital;I have just finished PR which helped me a lot I am now starting on the follow up course for a further eight weeks some days are worse than others has you all know.

I take one day at a time eat healthily take my meds and inhalers try to exercise and of course read all the blogs on here some are very funny which cheer me up even if I am down.

But I thought it was time to stop hiding and say hello and maybe I could help someone who needs help cant do that if I continue to hide

Happy breathing to you all


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Hello Von,

Allow me to be one of the first to welcome you.Enjoy all the great blogs/posts we get on here x


Hello back to you! and welcome.

Mrs S x


Hi Von. I was diagnosed about the same time as you. I'm 57 and have moderate COPD. Interestingly my FEV1 was 41% before inhaler and 55% after on the reverse spirometry test. They told me its the second reading to use.Keeping active and eating healthily are really important I think. I'm on Spiriva and can't believe how much it helps me.

Lynne x


Hi there Von

Hello and welcome. I like you spent several months just reading the blogs, coming out to play a few weeks ago. There are so many friends to make and support to be given and received on the site. Take care. Marilyn x


Welcome to the site Von, it has helped me and some blogs are so positive - keeps me going with those exercises and positive attitude.

Libby x


Hello and welcome Von. Like you I hid for a while, glad to know others are the same. :)



Hi Von, it is a very good site with friendly people who are in the same position; a wide variety of advice based on real-life events. Also, if all else fails, it gives you someone to 'chat' to so that you don't feel isolated. Take care, Richard.


Hi Von, Welcome, great you have done a PR course and are continuing on.

All good wishes Zoee


Hello Von, welcome and I hope you enjoy the site.

Happiness to you.

Mike x


Hi Von1

Welcome and keep asking the Questions and use the Blog's.

Keep safe and well.

David 1968


Hi Von1 its great to meet you. If you have been reading the blogs etc. you will know what a great bunch of people are on here.

Nice you have come out of the closet! Bev :)


Hi Von, welcome, like you I've been reading the blogs all day and everyday since early July when I found out I had copd, dont really know much about my levels etc, think the doctor saw the look of terror on my face and decided to leave me be for a little while (just had a prompt to make an appointment with the astma nurse), but this site has helped a lot, and giving me the idea that maybe copd can be lived with, hope all's well with you x medow


Hi von like you I'm new to this been reading the bloggs for 3 years just decided like you to stop hiding and face up to the copd. It is very supportive keep battling kate


Thank you all for such a warm welcome

happy breathing



Hi there Von1 I am a recent member too and spent a few weeks reading blogs before coming out the closet! Breathe easy and welcome.


Hi there Von, welcome. I could be reading about myself because the same thing happened to me. I was rushed into hospital straight from the doctors and did`nt find out until I was ready to be discharged that I had suffered from type 2 respiritary failure. It is a wonderful site, you will not feel alone because we can all relate to each other in one way or another. One of our bloggers says that COPD stands for `can only plan daily` which is correct, but as long as we continue to do that we are winning. Keep in touch



Hey dude, nice to meet you, am waiting for a PR course myself too, did you find it helpful?


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