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Recruitment to a focus group in London - COPD

Hi all,

The BLF are working with the Department of Health to create tools to improve communication between patients with COPD and health care professionals. As part of this, we are running a focus group in London in early November and are looking to recruit people who have recently been diagnosed with COPD but who haven't necessarily made any decisions about treatment options.

The attendees must have online access at home and use the web, and be able to view a computer screen.

The session will be one and a half hours, at the BLF office in London, and attendees will be paid £30 cash at the start of the session to cover their travel expenses.

If you're interested, please could you private message me with your name, email address and telephone number and I will ask the organiser to get in touch with you. I know the London destination will exclude many of you so my apologies for that.

Best wishes,


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london is va big place wot part


Hi all, I had some initial interest from this post but only one person has come forward for the focus group - I'll repost to see if there's any more interest. Many thanks, Kath


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