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back to "normal"

well, the boys have gone back to school! My youngest started at High School yesterday and had a great day. middle lad went back into Y10 and the eldest started college.....was a bit of a day I can tell you!! they all seemed to have a good day and this morning all were up with the larks again.

I was in work last night, I finished in Feb when I was taken ill so going back last night was students yet but a "Tutor Induction" evening, after 8hrs mandatory training on Saturday I was shattered but managed to get through it all with help from some collegues. Next week is enrolment evenings and then we start!

Meanwhile I'm trying to get back in the swing of working during the day....only for a few hours as yet, and no heavy work....I'm leaving that for my son's day off!! Today I'm hand sewing patchwork for a cushion cover, its for an example for class but will fit in no:2 sons "Cool Britannia" themed bedroom so he can have it after the first week!! Hand sewing and embroidery is my speciallity but I've got very shaky hands these days so it takes me longer!

I may have a painting session later today....I love to paint but hardly get time between teaching and my textile work....I've decided to put some time aside to paint every week, being ill gives me the excuse (opportunity) to do some stuff for pleasure too :-)

My dancing group is meeting up on Thursday, obviously I can teach them any more but they have decided to meet aas a collective with me (nominally) in charge, when I'm fit. I'm excited to see them all after such a long break, I have some ideas for new choreographies and hope they have too. At least I can get dressed up and be girly for an evening :-) :-)

Hope everyone is breathing easy today,

Mrs S xxx

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Sounds like things are going well for you Mrs Shimmy, busy but happy days :) Auntymary


not half as busy as I used to be...but happy..yes!


Well done MrsShimmy you sound a very positive and upbeat person. And on behalf of all parents whose kids have gone back to school - PHEW


Ah yes, I remember the days when my three were at home and the long summer holidays would be upon us. How nice that all are happy though Mrs. Shimmy. It is good that you are doing whatever you can as that is very positive indeed. Stay well. xxx


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