Are these COPD symptoms ?

i was diagnosed with Asthma about 15 year ago . This year i have a had a constant wheeze on my chest , i take 3 inhalers , salbutomol, symycort and spiriva( spiriva which was prescribed to me 3 months ago has made little differance) ..I get severe bouts of cough and bring up phlem and at the same time iam soaked in sweat ...At least once a night i get this . But more concerning is that iam finding that if i do any activity iam going into a severe bout of coughing and severe sweating ...This could have if i walk from one room to another or even when aim puttting my clothes on . If i go go into a steam room i get some relief bu soon as i walk out into the open the coughing starts . I feel more and more fatigued . Iam 49 Years old and also i have diabetes and on insulin. I feel at times that i am restricted to doing "normal " things due to the worry that my wheezing will start into a major cough bout and the sweating will start . Is this COPD ?

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  • Go and see your GP see what he advises Val

  • Val - Thanks for the advice . Appt on monday.

  • I have copd and also suffer from severe bouts of sweating, I don't know if it is part of the condition or something else. Valm is right, see your GP.

  • I have a GP appt next week. Worst year i have had for breathing issues.

    Thanks for your help.

  • I dont think i have an infection . Its seems to be severe when i do any physical activity - ie walk... Thanks for you help

  • I agree you need to go to doctor. I have had asthma for many years. When it became worse I was prescribed symbicort. I also take spiriva which I was told is a COPD inhaler. It does sound like you might have it.

    I knew something else was wrong ie COPD when I got lots of chest infections and needed steriods and a strong antibiotic to cure it. I also got more SOB and wheezed more. I also cough a lot. Not sure if sweating is part of it - I put mine down to change of life but I could be wrong. But please go back to doctor and ask for COPD tests. x

  • Thanks - My copd test are in 2 weeks .Once agin thank you.

  • strange - I can't deal with steam rooms since I started with COPD. takes my breath right away.

  • It will only take your breath away for the first few " momemts " - If you gently breathe your nose and stay calm...You will be fine. Iam much better going to the steam room each day.

  • Hi FRESHAIR, Its possible you may have a combination of COPD/ asthma, but only a respiratory specialist could assess what your symptoms are due to. Like yourself I have a permenant cough made worse by physical exertion as you describe. Recently I have had my inhaler dose increased and Spiriva prescribed by a consultant which so far appears to reduce the coughing spasms, but I am also going to a cough specialist next month. Hope this helps you and good luck with your GP and treatment. Keep trying treatments till you find the best for you BYE

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