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What about the weather

What a day, woke this morning so hot could hardly breathe and hoping it would rain a little to cool it down.

Hubby and I went for out for our monthly lunch date with 11 other members of Breathe Easy. We had a great lunch at our local pub and also a good laugh, no talk about breathing, lungs or coughing. Chatted about our pets, holidays, old times, anything and everything, really enjoyed it.

It was still very warm outside when we left and we agreed we could do with a bit of rain to cool it down.

Be careful what you wish for - it went as black as night and the heavens opened that was about an hour an a half ago and its still poring, but it is a bit cooler.

Chilling now and watching telly, no cooking to do tonight.


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Been very breezy in Northumberland but warm, have just got back in and the heavens opened :( Val

Very humid this morning and then I went with a friend to a National Trust property. We were in the furthest reaches of the garden when the rain came.

Despite my waterproof, I got soaked and then had to drive my friend home through floods before getting home myself.

first thing I did was get out of my wet clothes.


Darn rain flooded my conservatory yet again, don't think the guttering can cope with these tropical down pours. On the up side by the time I have cleared it up the floor won't need washing. :)

'Twas a lovely morning, very warm, here in West Yorks. but the minute I sett of for a doctor's appointment @ 4pm ........... you've guessed ! Torrential downpour and I was soaked !

*is still dripping*

Glad you had a lovely time pollyjj, it certainly sounds like it :)

Well, we had planned to take my Dad to the coast today - Bridlington was the target destination, but I got a call from my sister last night to say he didn't want to go as he didn't feel up to it.

Instead we went to the former Harry Ramsden's fish and chip shop in Guiseley, near Leeds. Harry's was world famous, but the muck they serve up under that name in Blackpool and various theme parks is nothing like 'proper' fish and chips.

The place closed down last December under the Harry Ramsden name, and has since re-opened as 'the Wetherby Whaler', another fish & chip chain in Yorkshire.

'not bad' was the verdict on the meal, but we've had better at the Wakefield branch ;-)

Anyway, we were still there at 4.15 when the rain started - did I say 'rain' - what on earth was THAT??!! I was trying to drive in the most terrible conditions I'd ever driven in. Sheets of water falling from the skies, rivers instead of roads, misted up windows because there was so much water pouring down the windscreen - I really felt unsafe, but plodded on as we were in heavy, but very slow, traffic.

It had taken about an hour to get there, double that time coming back as I skirted around Bradford to try and find a reasonable route. The city centre was solid from what we were hearing, long queues all over. Good job both Dad and myself knew the area, we managed to avoid the worst of the traffic and eventually got back for a nice cuppa - we needed it.

Thursday is our Breathe Easy meeting - the forecast says... rain expected around lunchtime into early afternoon - but should clear. Let's see how wet I get!

Funny you should mention Harry Ramsdens.......I went to the one in Cardiff Bay Sunday after taking my daughter to see the Disney Magic Show in the Millenium Stadium and it was delicious. Had good ole' fish and chips and weather was nice so we sat outside overlooking the bay. Further down was a busker and between the good food, good music and excellent location a good day was had by all!

As I mentioned, they are not the same any more. The franchised 'Harry Ramsden' shops are just (mis)using the name. A bit like the burger shops, all the same size portion, same ingredients, same cardboard smiles...

The 'real' Harry Ramsden's was proper Yorkshire Fish & Chips, the place we went to was a reminder of the good old days, back in the 50's, when Harry still ran the place. My parents ran fish & chip shops for a while, before I was a wild teenager. We used to live on whatever was left at the end of an opening - or beans if they sold out. I don't think it paid that well :-(

When we visit my brother in Yorkshire we often go to the Magpie in Whitby. Lovely!

Lynne x

No rain here in sunny Romford.very warm and sunny.x

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