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Extreme exhaustion

Hi everyone, sorry to ask yet another question!

As you'll know I've now been on an oxygen concentrator or the last week but instead of giving me a new lease of life it's done the opposite.

I am so exhausted all the time and I mean totally exhausted not just tired. I'm sleeping the best I can ever remember sleeping but I'm getting up and by the time I've had a cuppa and got dressed I feel utterly exhausted. Unfortunately my RNS is away on holiday this week and next so I can't call her. My GP is useless and will tell me to just push through the tiredness, as I live in a hamlet in the middle of nowhere with no other surgery to attend I can't change my GP. There's no public transport either but I can't drive like this I'm a danger. As you know I'm 39 with a few other health problems but this tiredness is not only vile it's getting me down....that and the fact my 15 yr old daughter being on school holidays is pressuring me into doing this and doing that but I'm using the little energy I do have just to get to and from the bathroom ( I'm a single parent )

Any tips on either where I'm going wrong with the oxygen or how to increase my energy?

Thanks ever so much

Mike x

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BLF Helpline and/or NHS Direct would be my first suggestion...?

I don't have oxygen, so can't really advise what to do with that.

Your not coming down with an infection are you?

02 shouldn't be making you feel like that, should be helping with your breathing though. Val

I can't help either, I am on oxygen and it was like a new lease of life when I first started using it, not so great now maybe I'm use to it - I don't know. I certainly don't feel overly tired. Maybe you're doing too much having a daughter to care for, I can sit down and have a quick kip if I feel tired.


Thanks for the replies, I certainly don't feel ill so not sure it's an infection. Yes the oxygen is helping with the breathing..I just can't get out my chair to enjoy breathing! Oh Libby that is kind of you to offer to have my daughter for me, when shall I bring her over ;-)

Mike x

So sorry to hear that you don't feel to be getting any benefit from your oxygen Mmike :(

Maybe it's going to take some time for your system to get used to it. I know I didn't feel the benefit of mine immediately, as some have done. Have you had an arterial blood gas sample taken ? My chronic fatigue was down to the fact that I'm a CO2 retainer, which - when left to build up - caused me to sleep constantly and eventually lapse into unconsciousness :( Thankfully, that's all sorted now and I'm feeling great *touches wood, just in case* .

I hope you manage to find a cause and, more importantly, a solution to your exhaustion soon.

Is there any new drug you have recently been prescribed that may be causing this I wonder? If its not that I would call the respiratory division at the hospital and explain the situation to them, or maybe check out NHS Direct.

The other option as already mentioned would be to call the BLF helpline to ask their advice about this.

Hope things improve for you soon.

Auntymary xx

That's fine Mike, anytime.

Libby x

Libby I'm on my way, get the kettle on! X

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