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Good morning to one and all !

Well today is the day for my conserver test! Not looking forward to it really don't like doing the walk tests! :(

Once this has been done we can then look at the best way to get me to work be it cylinder and conserver or just cylinders, could mean up to 10 cylinders a week?

At PR yesterday which was good doing a little bit more each session - mind you have Graham on my tail saying just another 2 mins ha ha :)

Will post later to let you know the outcome - onwards and upwards :) x

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Morning and good luck today.



Thanks Lynne well the :) sun is out lets hope it stays :)


Can you use it without any problems stitch? Do you maintain your sat levels? Especially when ambulatory thanks Val x


All good wishes for today Val, will be thinking of you. Hope all works out well.

I am off to doc this morning, there is a query on my recent blood results, I hope it is only minor, maybe my doing more exercise than usual :) ;)

Catch up later.

Zoe x


Thanks zoe, hope everything is ok at the doc's :)


Morning Val, hope it goes well for you :-)


Thanks Jo x


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