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Hope this lasts!

My husband has recently been given Serevent which he uses once in the morning and once at night. Previously he was using Ventolin numerous times during a 24 hour period.

Since changing he has found it has changed his day completely, he still suffers SOB but not as bad a before also, at night he is able to sleep led down (OK its on 4 pillows:-) in the bed and not sat in a chair. Have any of you found Serevent better for you?

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I don't use Serevent but just wanted to say, so glad your husband is feeling better with his new medicine. Good to hear he can enjoy rest in his bed again.

If a certain medication is working then that's great, anything that helps us to manage our lives better is a boost to our confidence too.

What works for one many not work for another though. Most people go through several different types of medication until they find one that seems to work better for them.

Serevent (long-acting, green inhaler) is a preventer. The idea is that you use it regularly and it halts the problems by keeping the tubes open. The Ventolin (short-acting, blue inhaler) is normally used to treat an 'attack', and is usually effective in a few minutes.

Quite a lot of us have both, using the green regularly to limit the symptoms, and blue when required to offset an immediate need. I use the Serevent twice daily and carry a Ventolin with me, if I need it.

I use both, like Gordon. Serevent is a long-acting bronchodilator/preventer so it keeps the airways open much longer than ventolin, which is really only for immediate relief as Gordon says. Your husband should find he needs the ventolin much less and I'm so glad he's feeling more comfortable. Sleeping in a chair is no fun and won't give him the rest he needs.

Tell him to try and take the serevent at 12-hourly intervals, or as near as possible, eg I use mine at around 9am and 9pm. That way he will get maximum benefit over the whole 24hrs. He can still take a couple of puffs of ventolin before settling for the night - that's what I do anyway.

Anytime your husband finds his medication isn't controlling his symptoms, tell him not to hesitate to see his gp again, or phone the copd specialist nurse at his hospital for advice. Sometimes drugs do need tweaking, or another added in, for best effect. He shouldn't need to sleep in a chair.

FF x

My consultant rec. Serovent and yes it was fantastic. I know take seretide 500 am and pm which is a purple inhaler with serovent in it. It works well for me.Hope your husband continues with controlling his symptoms.

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