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Don't give up dad is testament to that. Good news for now!

Quick recap...............

Dad has Emphysema and IPF. Diagnosed in 2008. Last year started getting very breathless and going downhill. March failed a lung function test. May got told there was nothing that could be done and pallative care would be arranged. End of May saw a private consultant. Started a very high dose of steroids. Started on O2. Did a Rehab course.


Dad had follow up appointment this wk with consultant. He said he was a different man sat before him to who he saw in May. He said dad looked better, was breathing better and was obviously managing his condition rather than the condition managing him. After various tests, he said his left lung had no improvement but his right lung had, the crackles were now lower down and less prominent than before. Dad said that he felt alot better for the steroids and will now take them long term but on a very small dose. Dad decided he would try it. He agreed that dad would not be discriminated against being referred for a transplant (He is 65) if it was necessary but as dad had improved in 6 weeks there was no need yet. Whilst we are not ignorant to the fact that dad is very ill, we decided that this was news to celebrate and went out for a meal with mum.

I posted this blog because I wanted to tell anyone who feels like there is no hope, that my dad is proof that there is hope and just because one person says that nothing can be done someone else may say yes something can be done. If I hadn't been such a stubborn person (a trait from my dad) then I wouldn't have come straight home after dad having the devastating news in May and researched as much as possible to give my dad the best possible chance. Don't take no for an answer if you feel it's not right and do not be afraid to seek out another opinion. It is your live after all or the lives of loved ones and we owe it to them and ourselves to ensure we have the best care possible, where ever that may be.

We are off to south Devon on Monday for a holiday...................and dad will be there xxx

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That is great news x


I love reading blogs like this, encouraging and makes me feel happier and hopeful - thankyou.

Libby x


Ah that's great Val


Wonderful news, and well done you for doing your research. Enjoy the well deserved holiday. Take care, Richard


Congratulations to your dad for the improvement and to you for your persistence.


Good news indeed. Very pleased for your Dad and of course yourself. It is many times how the illness is managed.


val this is great news and so encouraging have a realy great time on hols .

What was the name of the private consultant that your dad went to ?

regards julia x


Really good news, hope you all enjoy your holiday wishing you sunshine.

Best wishes

Jo :-)


Thanks everyone, means alot. I always tell my dad. Condemed, it is Mr B Davies at Spire in Cardiff. Highly recommend him!


Congrats to your Dad for achieving some stability. Have a good holiday hope the weather is kind to you.


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