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who can help me fill the form in. i was given it for 18months and now have to re fill in the forms, i got into a right caddle last time

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Your Local Authority may have a Benefits Advisor or you could try the Citizen's Advice Bureau claire. On the other hand why not give the British Lung Foundation Helpline a ring ? They will be able to help, I'm sure :)

Good luck !

Thanks Elain x

Thanks very much for reply, I will take note of everything you said

"Speial Rules - If you are terminally ill with a progressive disease and are not reasonably expected to live more than another six months"

Getting advice from an experienced source is certain to help you include relevant information

I have COPD

i went to CAB for help with my ESA appeal, i have heard lots of people say they are really good, i have still had to do everything myself, i lost my appeal, i had someone else from the CAB call me to say that i could appeal against my appeal, still waiting for the person dealing with my case to call me to go ahead with it. My own doctor who is treating me for COPD, doesnt seem to believe how my copd effects me, how limited i am in doing things, even though i am constantly on antibiotics and steroids too

Have a look at this

The dwp say and i quote" The disease is regarded as being progressive, with a continuous steady decline in lung function.

In all cases - Indefinite award"

To me all copd people should get dla because if one person gets it then all should ,its like saying a 80yr old man has mild copd and a 30 yr old man has severe copd who suffers more ,does the older fella because his old and frail or the young lad but he is stronger in his body.

Can some one please explain to me what .Indefinite award means because it does not mean what i think it means.

just read that Gary1969 - basically the DWP contradict themselves- cant believe they produce information stating that the illness is progressive so the award is indefinate ( suggesting there is no diagreement about the award) but on the other hand they turn us down.

Well Krazy i think we should all print that off and send that bit of info in when we have to claim DLA or ESA or even better when we see atos slap it down on there laps hard because these are the people that the government pays to turn us down.

too right - think i might print it off because i am currently appealing against their refusal - worth the 50p stamp xx

hi, Krazy try googling Decision Makers Guide, (DWPsite), I refered to this and I was sucessful with my claim.COPD is vol ume 10 chapter 61. Also ask for a reconsideration, not appeal .They seem to like that better (what the differnce is god knows!)

San15, I have got ESA had to go to see Atos and they awarded my ESA, it doesn't give a time Limit on the letter.

Gary1969, I would like to know what that means to, I was only awarded DLA for 18 months and I got that at the appeal.

Hi gordon57,

It was for COPD, and when they called me back in to give me there disiction(sorry about my spelling) the doctor said I hope you are better soon, to which my husband said she will never get better only worse, then he just gave me a sympatic look.

My husband asked for a reconsideration when turned down for DLA 18 months ago but still got turned down. Still waiting for new date for tribunal (see Im fuming thread)

CAB helped him fill in form.

Hi All, I was given DLA for 2yrs after appealing against a NO twice. In the end I went to the CAB only to be told we had too much income (my husband works part-time). However, the lady there did know someone who could help. In our area it is called Wirral Welfare. The guy there was fantastic. He read my form and then went on to tell me what I needed to get a YES result. Letter of support from my GP, letters from any Consultants I had been treated by and a diary of an average week in my life. After sending this I received a phone call from the DLA to say I was being awarded the Higher rate mobility, due to fact I could not walk far, and lower rate of care for 2 yrs. 18 months into the 2yrs I have had an op on my foot and been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis. I spoke to my asthma nurse re my concerns that the DLA would take the allowances away, as I am now ill with infections almost permanently, she replied that my consultant would not allow the DLA to take anything away from me and in my case she thought I would probably get more rather than less. I have phoned the DLA and told them my circumstances have changed (due to diagnosis of Bronchiectasis) and they sent me another form to fill in. I found it very repetative and as my handwriting is not the best I filled it in 30min -60mins at a time. I forwarded all copy letters from the consultants I have seen in the past 2yrs together with another letter of support from my new GP. I also sent a diary of my "normal" week. I am still waiting altho I have received a letter saying they have received my info and it will take 8 weeks to come to a decision. I am hoping for the best obviously, but if I get knocked back I will definitely go back to Wirral Welfare and appeal again. Anyone who suffers lung disease deserves help, I think. Good luck everyone. Maximonkey

Hi Maximonkey,I was under the impression that DLA was not means tested and that means you could have a bank balance of 12.7million pounds and a yearly income of 140.000pounds plus other benefits and still receive DLA,Just like our glorious leader Mr CAMORON did.

Is this another thing that they have sneaked in making DLA means tested i did not know that:(

Hi Gary, I think you have misunderstood some of my story. Income only came into my story when I went to the CAB. They apparently only help low income families these days. However, they did send me onto Wirral Welfare who helped me. Maximonkey

In answer to where you can get help completing forms etc. Age UK may have a benefits advisor who will come to your own home to complete the forms. I actually give this service for our local Age UK - and although I have severe COPD I cannot be awarded any benefits. Because I am over 65 and would claim Attendance Allowance which requires you to need physical help with 'bodily functions'. Seems a bit unfair when people who are not as disabled as me get benefits but I can't. But then nobody said life would be fair did they?

Hi im robin depending on your age age uk will sed someone round to fill in and will allso appeal with you should you need to allso cab will help but wont come roun womens insittute will sometimes help depends on branch

hi robin againe the beniffits agency will allso sen a person to your home and is independent and will allso apeal with you on your behalfe if need

CAB, Welfare Rights or DIAL.

Good luck


Hi Claire

Please dont try to complete this application on your own,the BLF advised me to go to my citizens advice office ,it took myself and two advisors two and and a half hours to complete these forms ,the outcome was i received the top payments without the care allowence.i would never manaed to complete these forms without help.I think they are designed to make people give up half the way through as they are for most people to daunting to fill in.

Thanks everyone you have gave me some great advice xxx thanks once again

welfare rights came out to my home and filled my form in for me i was awarded it indefinately fortunately but now and then i get a questionaire sent to ask if my symptoms have improved...fat chance of that ,i keep telling them they can only worsen but hey ho

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