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COPD by any other name?

I am puzzled. I was admitted to hospital on Wednesday with a COPD exacerbation, was told I have pneumonia, narrowly escaped going onto a HDU, and put on IV antibiotics and diuretic and am constantly on oxygen by a mask. It's only been a few days but progress seems slow to me though I am accepting I need to rest to regain some health, or at least carry on breathing a bit longer!

A chest consultant has told me there isn't much emphysema type damage but one lung is almost useless because of an old injury causing a rip in the diaphragm and the good lung is infected, causing my present difficulties.

As things stand, I'm actually quite relieved to find it was a hasty diagnosis at first as Emphysema is such a heavy thing to deal with. This is a new clever doc and another one might have other ideas.

So, another doctor is seeing me on Monday to decide what's next.

I think I'll be in here a bit longer than that though.

Just want them to make up their minds asap.


And now for something completely different....

I mentioned this a bit ago...Bailey, one of our gerbils, is bright eyed and ready for adventure, his stump is healing well (back leg amputated) and he hopefully will rejoin his brother motte in the shared cage this week.

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Thanks Stitch, I'll see what the doctors arrange regarding antibiotics at home. Thing is, how to spot pneumonia early on? I didn't and it got nasty. But one thing at a time anyway for now.

I'd be delighted to share a photo of the gerbs, just in a post did you mean? I haven't seen a photo section on here. I could post a small one.

Thanks for the good luck Souper!

I tried both a Vodafone and an O2 dongle to get online but the signals were weak. This I'm able to do so using a smart phone as a 'hot spot' and it delivers 2mbs which is quite enough in this situation. Plus you need a good data allowance though I won't be doing major downloads through it.

Hope I'm not blinding you with science!

On the first assessment ward I was on there was nothing but this has pay tv but it's pricey and clunky to work. All passes the time however.

Hello Gordon,

I missed your show on Replay yesterday, when are you on again?

BTW, I had to update Real Player to listen as the PLS file download wasn't recognised by Widows so went to the 'net services' offered option which pointed me to Real Player, I hope the extra tech doesn't stop people trying to catch it, I know I would have given up at one time if faced with extra hassle.

What I heard sounded good anyway though it was late on by then.

Hi Rob, get well soon. Lucky you having internet connection in hospital :)

Just wondering if you have ever had the pneumonia vaccination and if not why not. Just trying to work out how effective it is :/ .

Yo Gocat!

I have had pneumonia jabs, one certailly during the last three years, I don't know why it wasn't offered the last two years but I shall certainly ask now!!

I see juliekay in the comment below says they last a while, and I just did a brief googling which tells me one does for life. HMMMM...

Maybe I'm an exception to yet another rule?

maybe have a pneumonia jab - they last for a few years

I understand from my pulmonary nurse you only need the pneumonia jab once now. I think it used to be every 5 years.

Hi Rob, at least they know what the problem is now, several causes of pneumonia though; viral, bacteriological, fungal and parasitic ...nice, I'm sure your sputum is cultured (and refined like yourself) so it should be being hit on the head so to speak with AB's.

The Oxygen is mandatory like the jabs in your belly each day, hope the food continues to be good.

Bet you can't wait to see M,B+R again soon,



I have numerous names though not self-conceived, most of them are of the four lettered variety so I shall spare everyone their announcement.

Clues, some begin with an s, others with an f, and some of the other letters usually do really tend to offend people so I won't even provide any clues to the beginning letters of those, but, on the other hand, simply by pointing this out, most people can guess and now know.

Let's just say that the sketch by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore where they do an exercise in expletives is nothing in comparison.

Let's just say that the chaps at Billingsgate sound like avid churchgoers in comparison.

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