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Thank you all - for your kind comments. Ive had another day doing well.

I must confess that I am nervous that I will go downhill again. Will feel more confident when a week or so has passed.

Just goes to show that a change of doctor, suggestion that I had spoken to the Lung foundation and a change of pills can do wonders. Wouldnt be writing this if it were not for the lung foundation and this blog.

So thank you all x

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Life can be great even when sh*t happens! It is soooo important that we all get the right medical treatment and we often forget that we are "entitled" to the best care and we shouldn't settle for less. Pleased for you hun, have a nice day today x

I'm so glad you found the silver lining in your cloud cant :) put a chain on it now and never let it go !

Really pleased you are feeling much better. Long may you feel well!! Good luck and try to stay positive!! TAD xx

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