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LVRD or valve Insertion

today i have been told its time to be thinking about a lung volume reduction procedure or the new treatment of valve insertion,i have been reffered for ctscan and other tests to see if i am eligible..Has anyone had any of these and can tell me ,how was the op ,what was the recovery period and how their life has improved since the op please . I have asked for 6 months grace to discuss with my family but i would like to make an informed decision based on facts

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I am most likely having LVRS soon, I would at least go forward and have the CT scan done so your consultant can see what is what and if LVRS is suitable for you and take it from there. Having looked at my scans there is a big black hole about the size of a coke can in my right lung so it is no wonder I can't breath too well, I can quite imagine that having the hole sorted out things will be quite a lot better.


thank you for your reply,,i am very apprehensive about the op ,i have read about it on the internet (big mistake worse case scenario stuff) i am hoping i will be offered the valve but it has only recently been approved and i worry about the long term affects. i really thought i was managing this disease really well since i was diagnosed 6 years ago,so this is a shock to me that they now want to intervene


thank you stitch :)


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