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Good day!

Went out with my daughter today to the Metro centre, a bit of retail therapy, lunch some girlie time. Was lovely we both enjoyed it got my Mr Whippy ice cream yum, treated her to some tops etc.

She had an appointment at the GP's 3pm off we went as she was sitting in the doctors my liquid 02 ran out no problem I had a cylinder in the back of the car! Turned around to get it, it was wedged between the seat and the wheelchair! Oh thought what am I going to do gladly Graham was able to come and sort it for me took about 15 mins you would have laughed it was chucking it down with rain there is me sitting in the car window wide open air con blasting away cooling air keeping me calm, sats down to 79 pulse 135 will not be letting that happen again. Just goes to show you doesn't it.

On the whole a good day Val

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Glad you had someone to help you Val and glad you enjoyed some special time with your daughter.

Thanks Zoee

Well Val, it never rains but it pours! Sounds like you had a great day with your daughter up until then so that's the main thing and it sounds like you can chuckle (now) about the mishap at the docs.

My philosophy is.......if I don't laugh i'll cry and laughing makes you feel so much better. Keep laughing and smiling Val xx

Thanks yes laughing is much better than crying ha ha Val x

Main thing keeping calm which I did, people were passing could have asked a stranger - but thats not me ha ha Val x

I think I would have passed out

I was in hospital and was 85 oxygen. culdent even stand up

Didn't want to move far mind ha ha! The things we do Val

Would terrify most people part of living with it though you do very well

Don't we do daft things at times! I didn't even think about changing it over before Leanne went in to see th Doc x

Have to agree with your last post Val. I can remember being on the verge of an exacerbation one afternoon and getting out of the car outside the doc's to fetch a prescription for my other half, and could only cling onto the roof. Two ladies - both much older than me and in much worse physical conditions asked if I needed help and daft bat that I am said, "No thanks, but thank you for the offer." - as you do! I needed my 02 and trolly both of which were in the boot. Took me ages to get them out and crawl to the docs where I was rushed into a side room to recover as they saw my gray face and heaving lungs!!!

Don't we behave like twits at times?


Yep ha ha, the thing is if the shoe was on the other foot I would gladly help Val

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