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Lung washing article on BBC News website

Good afternoon everyone

I hope you are all well - the weather seems to be getting a little cooler so hopefully that should help anyone struggling in this humid heat.

On the BBC News website Health section there is an article about a trial being conducted in Newcastle re lung washing increasing lung transplants.

Please click on the link below to access the article.

Have a good day.


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Interesting article also seen on TV one person who has received a lung following this - lung washing it has changed her life Val

Hi Val

Anything that increases the availability of lungs for transplant is a great step forward.


Yes I agree with that I am attending the Freeman at the minute to see if a transplant would be a possibility for me Val

Its a great step forward in health care, thanks Jo for posting,

Val I hope things go well for you in your assessement results.

hi jo ive just read the article bit late but ive not been on hear long,have u heard any updates on the procedure thank u I have copd

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