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When Strictlys on the Tele.

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When Strictlys on the tele

And it's dark by seven o'clock

And geese are drawing v signs in sky

It's a time for quiet reflection

On what may lie ahead

For worn out poorly pensioners

Such as I

The petrol pumps are empty

And Tesco shelves the same

And my central heating systems on the blink

I try to keep my spirits up

With Johnnie Walker's best

Wondering why my best mate Puss

Makes such a stink.

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Damon1864 profile image

Oh dear Don I'm sure puss will be fine You please take care. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to Damon1864

Thank you Berny & Jack, I hope that nobody takes my silly rhyme seriously. Perhaps I shouldn't write humorously in this way whilst there are people in desperate situations. I've changed my picture to show I'm just a comical person. 😉 Don & Puss.😺xx

Damon1864 profile image
Damon1864Volunteer in reply to Don-1931

I read it just like all the other amusing stuff that makes me smile. You take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Aingeful profile image
Aingeful in reply to Don-1931

Don't ever stop posting Don,you make me laugh! You remind me a bit of Fred Dibna!😄 We need you!

Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to Aingeful

Bye Eck! Fred Dibnah eh? 😃😘

How are you and Puss getting on?

Baby is well and looking forward to her spoils tomorrow!

Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to Catgirl1976

Puss and I are a good team now thanks. 😊😺

Dear me Don don't let your wondering mind go of on one.Çoncetrate on strictly all those lovely dresses and dancing and enjoy your tipple. Has for stinky cat stick your nose in a bag. Take care🤗

Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to Dilly2

I try not to watch Strictly, Dilly, despite BBC's effort to force feed it too me. I wouldn't mind watching Dan Walker fall flat on his face should that happen. 😉

Dilly2 profile image
Dilly2 in reply to Don-1931

I fully agree with you Don. I try not to watch it myself. Just bits when channel hopping. They all fall madly in love with their dance partners yuck. Dan Wàlker yuck, xx

peege profile image
peege in reply to Don-1931

Haha, yes that'd be good to see!

SORRELHIPPO profile image
SORRELHIPPO in reply to Don-1931

I always feel cheated, when the BBC (or any other channel) for that matter, puts out programmes relying on doing it on the cheap, by using members of the public. Such as Love Island, Strictly and the X Factor.

Nanny1086 profile image
Nanny1086 in reply to Don-1931


Good to see your smiling face back xx

I agree with your sentiments entirely regarding the dancing programme

Too many aged men and ladies looking like mutton dressed as lamb

But i think we are in the minority cos it is a very popular show

And if we had some puff and fitness off to the pub we would go

And now i know why geese make v signs and do in fact migrate

Because it stays on the telly as late as half past eight

😒🙀 x

Kimlu profile image
Kimlu in reply to skischool

I'm one of the few who can't stand Strictly, its not even funny now 😐 x

leo60 profile image
leo60 in reply to Kimlu

Me too!! It's bloody everywhere and everyone seems to think everybody likes it!😡 xx

Carnival567 profile image
Carnival567 in reply to Kimlu

You are not alone!

Oshgosh profile image
Oshgosh in reply to skischool

M in the minority also.Can’t cope with the whole palaver

As you say mutton dressed as lamb,usual boring rubbish.

Over paid presenters and loads of hype

Please keep the rhymes coming, they make my day. I have a theory regarding cats poo - have you ever smelt the food they like? I think its the old Felix making the smell, not the gorgeous Puss!Take care Don, hugs to Puss.



Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to Kimlu

I've always fed her Felix Food Ocean Feasts as recommended by her previous owner. Her poo looks very healthy and she has no trouble passing it, so I suppose that's more important than a bit of a stink now and then. 😺😂xx

Oshgosh profile image
Oshgosh in reply to Don-1931

Hi suppose most animal and human poo smells a bit?

Don-1931 profile image
Don-1931 in reply to Oshgosh

Some posh people think it doesn't. 😂

I need to take issue with you here on a few things Don 1 I love strictly - should be on till 10o clock 😂2 I think Dan Walkers lovely and 3 if you think puss stinks try living with French Bulldogs , I was wearing a mask long before the pandemic 🤢😂

Well I can’t argue with you on Strictly, it’s so terribly popular and so much of my license money has been spent on it. As regards giggling goofy Dan Walker I can imagine the ladies wanting to mother him, but he doesn’t go down well with my breakfast cereal in the morning. And lastly, Puss cannot help her smell and I wasn’t complaining just wondering. 🤷‍♂️xx

I didn’t think for one minute you were complaining about Puss Don just saying if it came to a competition when it comes to causing a stink bulldogs would be up there in the top three x

Yay! Back to your smiley face 😀 At least with nights drawing in and spangly sh1T on the TV, we all benefit from your humour to keep us amused! I hope you realise how much we all appreciate you Don 😘 Love to you both (even the stinky one, she doesn't mean it you know!) xx

Life is so full of grimness at the moment that we need your rhymes, Don, to lighten the mood. Please keep them coming. xxx

Dang! You look good for nearly 90! I see some mischief in that smile! In the states, we have "Dancing with the Stars". It seems like a similar show - huge egos dancing with professionals and we're supposed to ooh and aah over their achievements and wonder at their outfits. I liked it the first season, but then felt it got too 'fantastic'. Keep the rhymes coming, Don! They spark us up!

Might be wrong but I think one of the judges on Strictly , Len Goodman , also did the American version 🤔

I think that's what is wrong with it now. Bruce foresight, Len Goodman, the ballet dancer, all the best people have gone. My wife was a great fan then and I used to pretend I wasn't watching it. 🙃Len Goodman did a series of TV programme where he took celebrities (ones I had actually heard of) back to places where they first went on holiday with their parents. I enjoyed that.

It was a really good programme that Don , brought back great memories for me of holidays in the 50’s . What about the original Come Dancing ? I was very young when that was on but I loved it because the dresses had about ten layers of net under that made them stick out about 2’ all round 😂 And the sequence dances fascinated me. Must admit it all a bit cheap and flashy now and I don’t know half the so called celebrities but it’s better than high speed car chases and gun fights I’ve just watched that new drama Angela Black , husband beating his wife up-another depressing offering 🙄 I’m off to bed with a good book ( a murder mystery 😂) Sleep tight xx

You are taking me back to the days when they printed foot prints in the Radio Times to help you follow Victor Silvester's lessons. youtube.com/watch?v=qmmqI1a...

Thanks so much, Don, for this terrific video of proper ballroom dancing! So enjoyable to watch! My late Dad occasionally taught ballroom dancing, and I know he wouldn't have appreciated Strictly either; he was often critical of Come Dancing dancers for not doing the "proper steps"!

Am sure you'll be sensible enough to wear extra layers to stay warm till your heating's fixed: double vests, socks, jumpers, whatever it takes!

Oh Don that video is brilliant !Really took me back , I’d forgotten all the men used to have numbers on their backs😂 and I didn’t know about the steps in the Radio Times 😂x

Thank you for another great rhyme Don. I don’t know if your heating really has gone on the blink, or if it was artistic license because it rhymes with stink 🤣 but my mum’s heating also packed up last night, I fear it may have gone to the great scrap heap in the sky, it seems deader than the dodo. Hopefully you, and my mum, can get the heating sorted out somehow.

You are all very generous about my rhyme which must be the worst I've posted on here, it mostly doesn't even rhyme. But for once there is some truth in it. My heating system stopped heating the downstairs rooms last weekend but still provides hot water and warmth in the bathroom and bedrooms. The problem is that the boiler is relatively new but the micro-bore pipes and radiators are very old. I should have had the whole system renewed when I had the boiler replaced, but I didn't know I was going to live this long. 🙄 The plumber is commencing flushing operation Tues/Wed, probably hoping I'll kick the bucket before then. I do hope your Mum gets her's sorted soon.

My mum's heating is new, it was put in about 3 years ago, unfortunately the company went out of business and ceased to exist. When they put in the new boiler and central heating, they disconnected her existing hot water. The new boiler does both the heating and the hot water, so now she’s without both. (Sorry, this is all very boring to anyone else) I hope the plumber will be able to do something to get your heating working again 🤞

People will have stopped reading this way back HH. 😂


I'm not sure that's entirely true but it made me laugh 😁

Kimlu profile image
Kimlu in reply to Don-1931

Don't say that Don - Happy Flushing by the way 😆 x

ninelives profile image
ninelives in reply to Don-1931

I have a picture in my mind of your plumber performing operation flushing.Would love to know what it entails and could it be put to musicOne ,two ,three altogether now flush two three four.....

Keep'em rolling out Don. It's great to make folk smile.👌😁💖

Loved your poem Don! Hope your heater gets fixed ASAP, so you can enjoy your Johnny Walker in the warmth.

The lack of rhyme may be influenced by the lack of heating so understandable and appropriate. I still loved it and the new pic is great. Keep having fun.


Thank you, friend. 😁

Love the video Don! Thanks for posting. Got a laugh out of the Charleston dancer kicking the other gal - not using proper steps!


Brill! Love the photo Don

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