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My second foray in a week.

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Yesterday afternoon my daughter picked me up and took me to my old 'regular' pub. In my excitement I forgot my stick, not too much of a problem as we parked right next to the garden gate.

What an overwhelming welcome I received from my long lost friends, who have become a sort of extended family. I got very out of breath from all the talking, trying to catch up with their personal events of the last year. Wonderful to taste again what has become my favourite beer, from a small local independent brewery. Whilst I never went inside the pub I felt totally safe sat outside amongst friends on a glorious sunny day.

Down from a high with a bump this morning, back to the daily routine and an overcast day.

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That sounds like a wonderful day all round 😊

So pleased you enjoyed your day and the beer 2greys. The sun will come out tomorrow hopefully. Xxxx

That short, simple get together with your friends will have lifted your spirits no end. Yes, apart from the beer, the good things in life are free. I can sense your delight and pleasure 2greys and hope your visit will be one of many more to come.

It’s so good that you enjoyed your day out and were able to relax and feel safe. On Friday my bestie and I went on our birthday dinner outing, postponed from last year. The wonderful old Mill restaurant is opposite to Ragley Hall where they are holding the Midlands Air Festival. As we arrived the red arrows went into full display mode, then a dozen hot air balloons took the sky and one landed next to us in the garden. Finally display planes took to the air, scattering lights and fireworks. So uplifting to see and to hear people enjoying themselves.Rain today but we are beginning to emerge blinking into the sunlight.

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Greenthorn in reply to Littlepom

Blinking wonderful!

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Beachballs in reply to Littlepom

What a fantastic time ! Love the red Arrows!! Glad you were both able to celebrate your birthday in such style! 🌷🥂

So pleased you had such a wonderful day 2g. I can hear in your post how uplifting it was for you. We are in lockdown where I live today because of the Leeds triothlon with the Brownlee Bros, whose dad used to be the paed CF consultant here. Wish we could all meet up at your fave pub and have a drink with you. Hopefully your joyful day will be repeated soon.

Love cx

Wow fantastic and wonderful to meet friends you haven't seen for a long time. It's the sort of thing which makes life worth living isn't it. x

Absolutely top class my friend. 👏👏👏 The memory of that will see you safely through a few dull days .😀

It’s good to be able to socialise again . We have to enjoy the good days.

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I'm so pleased you had a wonderful day d nice weather to go with it. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Hope that it is the first of many more occasion's when you get to meet up with you friends. 😊😊

It's sounds you had a lovely time out yesterday. And it makes such differences to be out and about again, "Independence "

Happy for you that you had a great time. Bless you 😃 x

That sounds to have been a momentous day for you 2greys. You can't beat a catch up with friends and having a beer, perfect . Sure you will be looking forward to the next one. Enjoy xxx

I’m glad you had such a fantastic time out amongst friends. Nothing better ! 😂👍

I have found myself looking forward to seeing people again, even the ones that I used to find irritating. Well done you.

Good for you , we have been penned up for far to long . 🤗🤗🤗

So happy to hear about your day!

Glad you had a such a lovely

I'm jealous haha.

So pleased that you had a good day. The first of many. this summer hopefully😀🤞

Sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed. Great to catch up with friends especially after such a long time. Hopefully you will be able to do it all again soon, cheers 🍺🍻💕 xxSheila

So pleased you had a good time ! That will give you a nice boost ! Can see you doing more of this ! Good luck! 👍

Hey, what a fantastic day for you 2g, it sounds like you had loads to talk about to your friends and enjoying your favourite beer must have been the icing on the cake for you. What a considerate daughter you have taking you and making sure you were near the gate. Eee isnt life good sometimes x

We all need days like thies to get us through the grey days. They put a smile in are hearts 🍻

Sounds Lovely So Happy U Had A Awesome Day 🖤🖤

Fantastic 2g. We can be outside and still have fun so long as the British weather is agreeable. X

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