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Am I clinically extremely vulnerable?


Hi.. Just wondering? Diagnosed with Bronchiectasis 10yrs ago, now 65yrs old. Lots of infections initially so put on azithromycin 3x weekly. Last year pseudomonas identified several times & a course of ciprofloxacin in July. Subsequent pseudomonas evident, may be colonised. No letter to class me as extremely vulnerable & eligible for vaccine soon. Any thoughts please?

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I would call your GP and or consultant. To clarify this for you. I think you should be classified as extremely vulnerable. But im no expert

As mentioned by Corriena, talk to your GP and or consultant, most extremely vulnerable people had the shielding letter during the first lockdown, this list was revised for the second lockdown removing some people from the shielding list. Not everyone who is extremely vulnerable got picked up and had to chase their GP to get on the list.

I would say you are extremely vulnerable so do as others suggest and contact your gp surgery. I'm similar to you apart from pseudmonas. I'd presumed I wasn't on previous shielded list because I'd not been to the GP in previous year and only 1 infection in Jan '20 which I didn't report. So I've semi shielded myself since last March. The only drawback for me was the fact that I couldn't get supermarket deliveries, that's sorted now (its like Christmas when it comes, I still treat it all with anti-viral). Good luck, get yourself on the shielded list, media shots of long queues in the cold for vaccination are scary.

Well I don't appear to be on anyone's books anywhere! I haven't had any notifications of any sort about anything since this pandemic started. My reasoning - I'm terminal but I think my terminal is lasting a lot longer than had been anticipated so I don't count! 😃😄😁

Chriskho in reply to Annie31

Annie31 Hope you are doing ok at the moment . Can’t believe you have not received a letter Re extremely vulnerable and offered any help you may require!!

Annie31 in reply to Chriskho

Thank you! I'm in the same age group as my husband so will wait to see if I get a call then! I don't go out anyway during lockdowns

Hi its listed as one of the extremely vulnerable diseases. I've got it and GP put me on listI also got approved for work capability assessment if that helps. Take care Fi x

Hi LFC premier. You bloody well should be classed as vulnerable. When they do the over 70s it should be your turn too. We're about fourth in line. Pseudomonas is a pig too. Do you have COPD at any level? I do and heart failure too and I wasn't a great smoker. COPD tends to tip the scales. I found with bronchiectasis I initially had endless chest infections. I'm on my third this winter anyway as I write. My answer would be get on to your doctor and talk to your consultant's secretary at the hospital to pass the message on. Love from Flobber the Leicester fan.

I would recommend you to get in touch with your GP or whom ever you are seeing at the hospital to check if you are classified. As for being on azithromycin I have been on them for a number of years, I have been lucky in that I have had no side effects and seem to tolerate them. I have been classed as colonised with pseudomonas and just told to keep using my emergency pack at home when ever I get a flare up. It seems to work and keeps me out of hospital. Hope you keep as well as you can.

Many of us with lung conditions and other health conditions are only classified as vulnerable and therefore don't have any comunications or support and thus we are in the sixth group to be innoculated. My age makes no difference as I am only 64. Thus we are not considered to be in the the at-risk groups. I have emphysema mild to moderate. I have not been assessed for nearly two years now due to covid. Although I think my condition is stable, there must be people out there whose condition has worsened and would now be considered as clinically extremely vulnerable but are not getting any help or getting early access to the innoculation.

I am in a similar situation, currently on a 14 day course of Ciprofloxacin, however as I live in Spain its a bit different - but I would contact my GP as a matter of urgency if I was still in the UK. Good Luck

I had to be added on in April. I phoned my GP and they agreed i had been missed. They sorted it and have received letters,texts and emails from Government ever since. Genuinely human error can get you missed off. Get in touch with GP

Thanks to all. I've been on to GP but only managed to speak to a receptionist. She said the CCG decides, not the GPS. However, GPS recommend shielders & I was not included. I didn't follow up cos I'm quite capable of shielding myself & very lucky to have family support & deliveries.I have just emailed my consultant & will try CCG too. 🤞😊Xx

I think it depends on severiry of lung diseases

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