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No flu jabs available


I just went to the doctors to get my flu jab. They said that there were no flu jabs available for anyone under 65 even with pre existing health conditions, this is by government orders. I checked this out with several local pharmacies and it is correct. I am 60 with COPD, I feel like I am being thrown to the wolves.

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I agree, it feels as though we don't count at the moment. But hopefully we will get our flu jabs very soon. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxx

Our son couldn’t have his flu jab as under 65 but the pharmacy will ring as soon as they have some in. Good luck to you PurpleAlf. Xxx

Really - just refer those who are in any doubt to :

Who can have and advice for people age 50 to 64

PurpleAlf in reply to Bkin

That is in normal circumstances, but this year the doctors & pharmacies aren’t ordering and buying their own flu jabs, it’s all been taken over by the government who have bought up all the flu jabs and are distributing (rationing) them.

Bkin in reply to PurpleAlf

No its in covid times as well. Could be your surgery just ran out of vaccine and are by priority vaccinating over 65s and those with pre existing at risk etc. 1st batch is always for those people most vulnerable then 2nd batch for those also vulnerable with less risk.

My GP surgery wouldn't agree to giving you a flu vaccine appointment if you didn't qualify.

Just stay safe and well until you can get a vaccine, don't just turn up without confirmation to attend, even the pharmacists are not allowing that. It helps to keep everyone safe that way.

PurpleAlf in reply to Bkin

I had an appointment and they apologised for getting me there under false pretences. It is not just my surgery it is all over. Boots have their suspended flu jab service and I have now rung several private doctors and they don’t have any flu jabs either. The doctors and the pharmacies all said they have been told it’s government instructions - over 65 only.

Bkin in reply to PurpleAlf

its the shortage of vaccinations then not that you don't qualify, but the surgery should have contacted you not to come in since they would be putting you and others at risk unecessarily.

Bkin in reply to PurpleAlf

Coronavirus update

Changes have been made to make sure it's safe for you to have the flu vaccine at GP surgeries and pharmacies. These changes include social distancing, hand washing and wearing protective equipment.

It's important to go to your appointments unless you or someone you live with has symptoms of coronavirus.

Advice for people aged 50 to 64

If you're aged 50 to 64 and have a health condition that means you're more at risk from flu, you should get your flu vaccine as soon as possible.

Other 50- to 64-year-olds will be contacted about a flu vaccine later.

That must be new then coz I have been having it since I have got it since I was diagnosed with copd in my 50's. You can pay for it though.

PurpleAlf in reply to hypercat54

It is new for this year.

I couldn’t get one at my GP surgery and Boots weren’t taking appointments as they had run out of jabs.

I did a search on other local pharmacies, to no avail. Then I remembered that another local GP has a small pharmacy that sells to the public in his surgery building.

I checked their website and they had appointments on every day of the week for over and under 65.

They are out there, just not easy to find!

PurpleAlf in reply to Troilus

I have been on the phone all morning, but I will keep trying.

Thankfully my medical centre was very on the ball and those at highest risk have already been vaccinated and those living with them. My daughter told me last month that there were supply problems in the system and shortages would occur. Because she works in a chemists the attached GP surgery stated they would be doing all patient vaccinations and so they only ordered a limited supply to give to other people. Last week the surgery said you can do them but as orders need to be done months in advance they cannot get the supply needed. Basically if there are shortages it is due to poor organisation .


Hi my wife and myself were contacted by our surgery to book us in for our jabs my wife was done first as she is 65 and myself had it two weeks later, when I asked why this was as I needed to be with her as she is disabled they said that the jab for the 65+ was a stronger mix to that of the younger patients.

Well my daughter was phoned by doctors Tuesday afternoon and offered a flu jab at 8pm that night. She is 34 and recently had the shielding letter. Unluckily she didn't feel completely well and so had to decline. (West Lancs)

Very sorry to hear from members who have had difficulty with short supplies. Have to say our surgery has been great - they are good on planning as indeed all surgeries should be, they know who is on their list, and who under 65 is vulnerable and needs the vaccine.

Hope everyone gets sorted soon.

Im not 55 iv had mine ? Strange

Asda launches 'first of its kind' flu jab service:

leo60 in reply to 2greys

If you are close to one of the 13 stores, that's great!! xx My surgery has told me mid November! I have severe COPD and am 60! xx

I’ve been lucky and had mine this week, my husband is booked in for 10 days time. But there definitely is a shortage as our local pharmacy hasn’t had any in yet.

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