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Shielding letter still not got one


Still no letter regarding shielding, despite fitting criteria. I signed up for government help as advised by Asthma and BLF but obviously not got anywhere. Anyone else still in same situation?

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I am mild risk as I have asthma and I am doing everything that I am asked by the government and my doctor's.

I am a very severe asthmatic, I have hypertension, recent heart attack, recently diagnosed Conn's Syndrome. I had problems waiting for my letter, I applied on the online govt website 4 times from 30/3 and even had 2x hospital admissions in March.

I did get 1 text from govt saying if letter not received to contact GP or specialist. I contacted the asthma consultant, they sent their own letter confirming I meet the criteria, and after a few consultations with my GP she sent my letter 20/4.

I finally got mine just last week. I knew I met the criteria so I started shielding immediately in March. I think theyre still sending them out so perhaps speak to your GP clinic and ask them

Do you need letter for work or food delivery reasons?

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More for work really.

As a pensioner i dont need that and at present I certainly dont need the foods in the box that skis recieved but what are the advantages of being on the list?Can any body tell me please. I did receive a mail from sainsburys giving me priority but havent tried to use that yet. I am lucky and feel guilty that i am being waited on . Neighbour doees basic shop.7

Generally I cannot do my garden as it is not attached to house a but i can see from window what needs doing. My hair has grown to how i have wanted it for months , hairdresser doesnt know the word trim . My shower needs attention. My electricity meter is not recording.and havent seen great grandchildren since dec at 9 and 5 they will not be recognizable!

Keep safe

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