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Seated Respiratory Exercise class for everyone to join


Come and join our Breathe Easy group seated exercise session with Gareth our instructor, once a week on a Saturdays at 10.15

3 different levels depending on ability

All you need is 2 tins or dumbbells and a cushion or a soft ball

Please go to

Dixon Dynamics and Gareth B Dixon on Facebook Good luck and stay safe everyone, enjoy.

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What an amazing idea....that looks a nice spacious airy venue too, good for distancing for your members.

Tburg in reply to knitter

Hi , the session today is online unfortunately we can’t use our hall every one is shielding at home.

The session is open to everyone and will continue every Saturday. Hope you can join us

Looks good fun x

Thank you for the link Tburg , believe BLF still provide CDs with exercises on to do at home might be worth an investigation. My local council are doing exercise classes on line which can be found on face book too, maybe other councils are doing the same.

Tburg in reply to katieoxo60

Hi yes BLF have got some exercises on their brilliant website, Gareth is our Breathe Easy instructor and we just thought it would be good to share x

katieoxo60 in reply to Tburg

thats what its all about, sharing knowledge and pulling together to keep things going till this is over or less risky to health. x

Tburg in reply to katieoxo60

Absolutely , the more we help the better, if you like singing on Facebook Everyone can sing is a good site that does a live singing group . take care and keep safe x

Hi for all those that missed the session I hope you can view here , enjoy Same time next Saturday

Please let me know if you can't view

Tburg I LOVED that! Mind you will I be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning..... ;)

Tburg in reply to DaisyEric

Glad you enjoyed the session , hopefully you can keep doing it and it will help you x

DaisyEric in reply to Tburg

I'm going to do my best anything to help, but it was fun too :) x

Over 1,000 views thank you everyone , next session Saturday 10.15 x

We have another session this Saturday 10.15 come and join us

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