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My amazing wife and our collie


My wife and I have this beautiful but crazy Collie and we have been working hard to train her to compete in agility competitions.

Like you see at Crufts with the see-saw and jumps and weaves. Oh, and tunnels. She loves tunnels. My wife is really the driving force and does the hard work of running the course with the dog, directing her where to go and when etc.

I do the daily dog walks, throw a lot of balls and film the training, do the driving etc. I am like the corner man in boxing, I was thinking today.

Anyway, yesterday was our first competition proper. And my orsm wife and crazy quirky collie came 5th in her class out of 20 or so (novices of course).

Best day I have had for ages; beautiful sunny day in a beautiful part of Wiltshire with loads of lovely dogs (and some of the people) to meet and to see how amazing my wife and dog are, working together.

Oh, and the dog also helps me with fixing the car as you can see in the picture of her reading the manual and getting cross because I disagreed with what she was saying the problem was that day.

Hope everyone has as good a weekend as possible. Best regards to all of you lovely people here. Only place I know anyone understands what I am on about regarding my poor old Ma and her COPD.

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Great photo of your lovely dog Phil, such great working dogs. Well done to you and your wife putting all the hard work in, 5th place is a good result.

Keep going and enjoy a lovely weekend. Best wishes to you and your dear mum. Xxxx

A lovely photo. Of course those who have collies running their lives will know that she is really reading that manual. My sister is a collie lady and has given a home to several whom she rescued from dire circumstances. At present she has two. The boy loves his fly ball sessions whilst the little girl is her shadow, making sure that she is safe. When Twinkle visits they sit looking at him because they didn’t think fluffy dusters could walk, let alone boss them about!

Sounds like great fun Phil. An interesting hobby that keeps you fit, has you out in the fresh air and having a good time together, meeting fellow enthusiasts as well as the joy of achieving something.. She looks like a lovely dog.

What's her name?



Beautiful dog and intelligent too, congrats on coming 5th. Have a good weekend and take care of yourselves Bernadette xx 🤗

Scruff's wishes she had the intelligence and eyesight of that beautiful Collie,she also frequently browses through aged copies of Haynes manuals for aged tabby cats but has yet to fathom out how to reinstall the bits that the vet took away when she was younger. :)

Lovely photo. 😊

Sounds a better therapy than any pill!!

Lovely photo.

I’ve always had collies, wonderful dogs. Very intelligent and easy to train. Love them.🙂

Ha! Looks like she is really reading that manual, could well be that she is, they are such intelligent dogs. Well done on coming 5th, sure she will climb up to the top spot x


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