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what's difference between listeriosis rheumatic fever

Clearly AM no expert but ad say not very much

Both have incubation periods both have similar pathology AND both effect heart valve

Given my own food poisoning I thought was listeria that caused heart issues have been doing lot of reading 📖 given heart issues.

This rumour that rheumatic fever IS bodies protection against listeriosis

How mads that

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Jeff in reality Dr Google can often lead you to the wrong conclusions. Many conditions do have similarities to cause and affects. Some can cause the same type of damage. There are many unknowns in medicine. That is why researchers say could, may, linked as there are at times many uncertainties. Doctors can tell you this is damaged etc but at times that diagnosis is came too through elimination of possible causes. It is a deduction not a complete certainty.

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Hi Badbessie Defo agree about google AND I learnt early on that lesion into my own health issues

Guess lot might have to BUT I find it so interesting really AND you know what the say ABOUT fresh eyes 👀

And sometimes that’s all research takes AFTER all what would point of data mining ⛏ be

I think data mining IS like genetic research BUT in cyber space.

On subject of post only markable pathology is point of entry

Listeria is via guts cell wall & rheumatic fever is via mouth 👄 throat cell walls


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