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Worried my symptoms all point to lung cancer


I was diagnosed with COPD age 31 in 2012. For the past 6 months my symptoms have been getting worse but due to alot of personal stress going on I let my health slide. I visited my G.P. 2 weeks ago who said I was having a exasperation and prescribed doxycycline and prednisolone. Took medication and still feel ill, if not worse. I have obviously googled my symptoms which all point to Lung cancer and my G.P. won't refer me to the rapid access clinic as im not 40!! Worried out of my mind.....................

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Hi did you google the NHS site? x


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Yes I did.

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Well if you have all the symptoms go back to your doctor and insist on a referral. Don't take no for an answer. x


You seem awfully young to have lung cancer.....

Hi Kitty81 . 👋

Can I ask what in particular makes you think you have cancer? And did you explain all this to your doctor? Did he explain why he thinks there is no possibility of you having cancer? Sorry for my many questions.

When having an exacerbation / infection it often takes quite a while to feel better. Even with the antibiotics. And stress would exacerbate symptoms for sure! Have you shared how you feel with your family or a close friend? It really helps to get support from those who know you best as well as on a forum like this.

Sending *hugs* 😊

Cas xx 🌞🌻🌱

I too think that you are very young to have developed lung cancer. The thing with lung cancer is that it is extremely good at hiding, there are not really any noticeable symptoms until it is in the later stages. This of course means that years have gone past making you even younger if first developing it and hence even more unlikely.

I have lung cancer, currently in remission, I have not had any untoward symptoms at all with it so far.

I too think that you are having an exacerbation / infection, perhaps a nasty one like I am just pulling through that has taken a second, stronger course of steroids and antibiotics to shift.

Steroids (Prednisolone) can play with your mind as a side effect and combined with any stress, this is probably what is causing these thoughts that you are having.

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Mr. 2greys I have been following your posts for a couple of months (since i discovered this community) and you are totally captivating, inspiring, a source or strength and admiration. I am sending you all my best vibes and love from Greece and I wish you the best. You can't imagine how many people you are helping with your posts and replies. Thank you.

Test for h pylori!

Hi Kitty81 , so sorry you are feeling unwell and left worried about what might be wrong . - we all jump to the wrong conclusions at times - have you asked to have a Scan or Xray ? , I would have thought these might reveal what really is going on ...try not to worry ......ask your Doctor to request these tests ... good luck ...

You’ve had great replies Kitty so I hope you feel reassured. Do go back to your GP and explain how you are feeling. I do wish doctors would get Age out of their heads because disease doesn’t care how old or young a person is as has often been proved.

That said, I truly believe your infection is hanging on as often happens so try and stay calm.

Stay in touch. Xxxx

Hello Kitty, another cancer was found in my lungs some three months ago.I already

had one,which by the way l was not told about. It appears over a period of six years the

first had hardly grown.Had radiotherapy and the new one had reduced quite a bit,and

will continue to do so for another three months

Must admit l did not think anything about it when told,as COPD Asthma and

Osteoporosis keep me busy anyway.There are people saying you seem to be to young

to have cancer,but there are children who have not started their lives yet who have it.

Nobody is safe from it,and no cure found because they are busy looking for treatments ??? xx

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Yes there are rare childhood cancers, but that is just it, they are "childhood" cancers, not suffered by adults!

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O.K. They are cancers which KILL CHILDREN if you wish to be pedantic.

SO, why are companies only looking for treatments instead of CURES ?????

IS it alright to let children die for money and shareholders ??? And who says

they are rare,they do,and the public believe it.!!!

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I get your point but calling another member of the forum "pedantic" for their opinion is not in the spirit of sharing and exchanging ideas that we do take pride in on this forum. I don't think the point was made in an overly critical way. You come off as angry. Really no need. Take care.

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Not angry, annoyed !!!

I am fed up with "the finding treatments" instead of " finding cures "

It sounds to me like you have a chest infection that won't clear you probably need a second course of antibiotics x

I am always given Doxycyline first when I have a chest infection and more often than not it does not work so go back to the GP and explain you have completed the course but are still feeling unwell. I am then always given a course of something else if they can hear in my chest that the infection is still there. I very much doubt you have cancer without it being picked up so try not to worry.

Our learned members have given you such good advice and pointers as what to say to your GP etc so the only other thing I may throw into the mix is......Please NO MORE GOOGLING.... Unless it's to a reputable site like THE etc. These others sites and there are hundreds,will have you thinking you have this,that and the other!! Wishing you to get some structured plan in place to put your mind at rest.


Make sure you get checked out but I know how you're feeling, my experience (I'm 65) is that asthma can change in how it feels in your chest, therefore it makes you think that it can't be asthma this time because it doesn't feel the same. It can be persistent and medication that sorted in the past wont work which all adds to your anxiety. I hope you improve soon.

Without wishing to sound rude I would get a gp that would listen to me. Can u c a different Dr? And I have learnt the hard way not to use the internet. When I got diagnosed with copd 2 weeks ago I went on good old goggle to find out some more information. Apparently I had months to live. Which turned out to be a load of rubbish as when I went to my Drs last week she told me that she has many people on her books with copd and they live many years

Hi kitty just like to tell you after a bad lung infection I had alsorts of awful symptoms and was convinced I had lung cancer An awful thing to have on your mind in the end GP sent me for a chest X-ray which came back clear and I had a peace of mind still had the symptoms for months after that OK now 14 months from chest infection. Maybe ask for a XRay take care xxx

Hello kitty, can you go to your local A&E dept? i know bit extreme but they would at least do the blood tests and an x-ray for you to discover if it is more than an exacerbation. Our GP's are not gods and can easily miss other signs because we have copd.

if i had listened to the gps in my practise i would most likely be dead now, and as overly dramatic as that sounds it is unfortunately true. what had genuinely started as an exacerbation but hadn't cleared after 3 courses of antibiotics and pred, my lungs were clear and still my GP insisted it was copd, it wasn't , at some point i had developed a pulmonary embolism. i'm not saying one caused the other my point is my gp would not see past my copd. i took myself to A&E as i knew it wasn't copd it didn't feel right. i spent 16 days in HDU. So please, if you are really that worried go to the hospital

i hope you feel better soon and that your worries are unfounded

best wishes

Don’t suffer worrying keep at the GP they don’t listen x


I totally understand why this is stressful.

Probably it is the exacerbation but "probably" doesn't relieve your concerns so I too suggest to go back to your GP and insist on a referral. Having a subject expert rather than the GP answer your concerns will either find out any new issues or answer your concerns about your current condition to prevent this stress in future.


if there is no joy from your GP , and if it doesn't get better or gets worse just go to A&E - e.g. if you have high temp and low sats they will be concerned enough to do Emergency related tests and an X-ray. If you're in the UK, then you've paid NI for this. The worst that can happen is they can send you home. Better safe than sorry - it's your life.

Hopefully you will be better soon and this will just be an experience so that any future flare ups don't worry you so much.

Goodness! Get into a specialist. A respiratory Specialist. With a diagnosis of COPD, you need one. My Mom had it. Bless you and post your findings. 🙏

Hi Kitty please excuse the text as my keyboard isn't working so I'm using voice audio I've been like you over the past few months and realised that it can also be down to an allergic reaction i.e. cats dust hayfever and so on please insist on an X-ray to check your lungs don't have anything on them but also try not to worry as that can make symptoms worse with COPD I've found all the best and much love x

It could also be that the infections aren't clearing properly and your are not recovering before another nasty bug comes around. This happened to me late 2017 early 2018. The key is up to date Sputum samples, and identifying which bacteria or virus is making you I'll. I am hoping that your GP has asked you to do one? Can I recommend you go back to the GP, tell him you are still feeling unwell, that the Doxycycline hasn't fully cleared the infection, can you be given another or different course of antibiotics and a Sputum sample be sent off? Oh,and you also may need to continue with the Prednisolone until the inflammation is under control. I personally don't have any experience luckily, of cancer, but I have a lot of experience with infections.

I am not a doctor and neither is google. I promise. We’ve all done it out of desperation but stick to the man,or woman, in the white coat. Believe me if it were up to google I would’ve been dead in 1990 and then again in 2012. So don’t be too quick to start the invitations for your funeral just cuz google said. The meds you are taking often times will make you feel worse for a bit before knocking out the sickness. I do understand your worry and anxiety but try to do something calming. Get better quick🤞

Firstly go speak to your go and discuss your situation and your fears. Ask to be referred to your local respiratory team for assessments to be carried out. Dr Goggle can scare you out of your wits if you don’t know what to look for or where to look for reliable information. You post leaves to many questions to give you more specific information. Please go see your Gp as he’s medically qualified to discuss things or ask to see another gp

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