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Thank you my new family

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I just want to say thank you all for being there at every turn. I have noted ideas given to me and tried a few out I am busy putting together my management plan...I owe this no only to me my family but also my new family on this site.

I have learnt so much from you all on here..and the most important thing I have learnt is to fight cry and fight. I have so much love for people I have never met. Thank you all so much for caring enough even when at times I have not deserved it xxx

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You have a lovely soul Emily - its a pleasure to be able to help, that's what the forum is about. So glad you're taking control and getting things sorted. See how far you've come! The problems you've had are exactly what many others will have experienced. We all have low scary moments especially when newly diagnosed and you've been brave enough to be open about yours which will have helped others. Good luck and we look forward to many more posts. :) :)

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Thank you

It’s been a pleasure to begin to know you, though very sad initially when you were so upset. But we all go through those times and this forum is such a help on seeing the way through and experiencing the warm support. We know, we’re there too.

Hope all is much better for you now, Emily 💕

Penny xx

That’s what families do Emily61, we pull together.

With sincere good wishes.

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Good on you Emily keep fighting and asking questions. Even though some on here have had their problems for much longer they are so full of information, thoughts and ideas. How lucky are we to have all this information at hand. 🙏👍🏻

Your very welcome xx

Hi Emily, so glad you are beginning to feel better about things, the support we all get on here is amazing and certainly helps when we have one of our low times. Why would you not deserve it ? we all have times when we just want to rant, cry or crawl into a corner but the support we get on here helps to see things more clearly and bring us back to a better way of thinking. Carry on carrying on and you will be ok. X

Well done to you for getting things under control and taking steps in the right direction.

Every days a learning curve for us all regardless of life . Some are low days we all get them and support on here is second to none because we all understand.

Look after you 😍😍

Well done Emily, you've turned the corner. 😊

Oh Emily, They are Lovely Words. You See, everyone was there for you, some may get frustrated with some earlier posts, which you now Understand, I am so Glad you have included this Forum as Family, Because we are a Big Family , Helping each other. Hugs Hun. xxxx

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Well I will continue to post my feelings as family get frustrated with family ..and I am sure you will get frustrated with me again coz not quite there yet but I am going to fight

Much love xx

so happy to hear that you are doing so well and it is an honor to of met you on this site-yes please keep posting,i love reading about how you are doing, take care1

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You to I look forward to hearing all about your appointment not long now

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I will do an up date,take care

Wow look at you! Who would have thought it when you first came in devastated by your illness! Go girl. x

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Don't think the concern is gone just want to fight now x

So glad you keep coming back. We'll still be here for you whether you're feeling positive like today, or struggling like you felt when you came. Of course you deserve our support. Have fun trying out people's suggestions, and see which ones work for you.

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Great reply Hun, I also have kept Emily a little more Positive. XXX

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I will do thank you

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I will be here through good times and bad...have used the nasal wash which seems to be helping my post nasal drip.dr has also prescribed nasal spray..huff and puff another good one.

Need to remember when bit out of breath breathing excercise. That's where I am falling short..then panic sets in and breathing then becomes out of control

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That's where the singing and breathing exercises help. They put you in more control when trouble strikes, so you're less likely to go into panic mode.

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Really looking forward to it

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