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Not sure what is going on


Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis approx August last year, I have undergone various tests and am left puzzled by the results. I do not see any of my Consultants until the end of January so thought I would ask on here if anyone can shed some light on my results.

I have been a smoker for 43 yrs and am now in the process of giving up. What I am puzzled by is that all my "puffing" tests have come up as within the parameters of a NON smoker!!! I just don't know why this is, any ideas anyone??

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Hi Dee29 . I am baffled too! When did you have your test? And who explained the results to you? xx 🌿

Did the person doing the test put in your right age and sex? Mine forgot to enter that information beforehand.

That’s very puzzling. Maybe you could talk to a nurse at your practice if you have a long wait to see the consultant.

Sorry not to be able to offer anything more substantial to help you.

Good wishes

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