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Two years ago I was coughing up blood in my phlegm and had chest tightness and shortness of breath. Chest x rays showed this was fine but the shortness of breath still persists with chest pain and after a recent ECG results were fine from that also. Asthma tests have came back completely normal and steroid inhalers don’t work. A blood test showed low iron levels but only slight so no one knows what my issue is and it is left unresolved. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

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I haven't had your problem, but maybe see if you can ask your g.p. to refer you to a lung specialist and get a crossroads scan done. As this shows up more. Also get your thyroid checked out. I had bad breathlessness when my.thyroid was overactive. Ask for the more detailed thyroid blood test, because it doesn't always show up on the general blood test. Hope that helps. Love pat x

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I appreciate that info as well as I am having shortness of breath after quitting smoking. Almost a year now. Maybe I need to rule out thyroid as well.

Should say c.t. scan, not crossroads


Just noticed you are new to the site. Welcome glad you could join us. Pat xxx

Welcome to the site. I agree with Tilantoe. I think that you need to see a respiratory consultant who should do a ct scan. Xrays do not show everything and GPs are notoriously bad at treating lung problems. It’s not their fault as they have very little training and most conditions need diagnosis by specialised equipment and expertise. Let us now how you go on


It certainly sounds as if you need someone better qualified than your gp to help you.

Having joined this forum recently I have realised that I must be much more assertive with my gp as he just dismisses my concerns as not being important, without explanation.

I have a check up due next week so have decided that I am going armed with some NICE guidelines to get my point across to him.

Let us know how you get on?

Good wishes.

I had a ct scan after I coughed up some blood(not much) and tight chest last January . In my case I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis.

Please insist on seeing a pulmonary physician and CT scan to get to the bottom of it.

hi, i had much the same as you last year. Had a cold, tonsillitis and had antibiotics. Helped a bit but not greatly. Then the blood in phlegm started so i went back. Had a chest x-ray which was all clear, which was brilliant but still the bloody mucus. Went back to dr and saw a locum as mine was away. Within minutes he had discussed the sinuses and determined that the blood was actually dripping down my throat from the inflammation of my sinuses and then being being coughed back up as opposed to originating from my lungs, if that makes sense. A change of antibiotics and within about 3 days i felt human again! No more blood....was a panic there for a while though. Always scary to see it!! So my problem is that my sinuses drip, which makes me cough, the more i cough the tighter my chest etc....

Have u had a CT scan? I have hypersensitivity pneumonitis and it is v hard to diagnose- esp without a CT scan. I don't know what test s u have had but it is worth considering. M

I have a good GP, or at least I like him, and he referred me to a pulmonologist, who I also like. But while I've had numerous chest x-rays, nobody has ever suggested a CT scan. I always wonder why. But the strangest thing to me is that my pulmonologist has referred me to a neurologist to see next month. Has anybody ever heard of a COPD patient seeing a neurologist? I have not. I have mild/moderate emphysema/asthma.

Hi, RedSox. Let me add that I agree with you that the umbrella term for COPD is BS, as they're are obvious differences between the two most common types, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. It's true that I've never had a CT scan. I think my pulmonologist determined I have emphysema (with some asthma) based on my breathing tests, x-rays and the fact that coughing is not a major component of my illness. I recently came down with an upper respiratory infection (in other worse a cold) for the first time since my diagnosis. I quickly called my pulmonologist, thinking she would prescribe antibiotics and such over the phone. But, no, the nurse said come in right now. They swabbed me for flu and strep and did a chest x-ray. All good. Sent me home with ABs, steroids and some powerful cough medicine. I was all better a week later, whiles other I know struggled with this for much longer. This disease continues to be a great mystery to me. I think I struggle more with fatigue than breathlessness. I sleep a lot. Lately, I've been fiddling around with my inhalers. Today I skipped my Symbicort and my Spiriva and just took two puffs of Ventolin. I feel no different than I do any other day. But I also feel as though I'm losing ground. I'm still walking, but less than several months ago. I have totally given up playing golf, one of my true loves for many decades. I'm not on 02. But I am definately affected by this dread disease. By the way, I quit smoking 24 years ago and was only diagnosed 2 years ago. It can creep up on you very, very slowly. I also don't know what's worse -- empysema or chronic bronchitis. I'm not at all a big cougher. Just SOB and fatigue. Hope you are doing well.

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One more thing, @Red Sox, I have had several spirometry tests. But the strangest thing to me is that my pulmonologist has set up an appointment for me to see a neurologist next month. Have you ever heard of such a thing for a COPD patient????????

Well that is a question!?

You could ask your Dr the reason why, you have a right to know..!

Expect it's more tests to rule things out but otherwise not heard of that for COPD patients...

I have, COPD, bronchiectesis and asthma and do see a neurologist but thats coz l had inflantion of brain and spinal cord 26yrs ago......

Ask, if you havnt done so already....

Good luck...

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