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Hi folks

I hope you all had a good Christmas 🎄

I was recently diagnosed with significant right basal bronchiectasis and I am wondering how many people also have a hiatus hernia?-and if this condition may have resulted from acid reflux ..aspiring into my lungs?

Any thoughts on the matter would be good..

And I also wonder..if the scar on my lung is only in one place what the chances of spreading are?

I am currently taking carbosysteine to thin the mucous and PPI for the acid reflux.

Looking forward to hearing about your circumstances with Bronchiectasis too.

Kind regs


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Hi,I’m a fellow Bronchiectasis sufferer.I was told by consultants that my Rheumatoid arthritis caused my bronch.I’m 46 but feel 70.Breathing is poor and I struggle on hills.Frustrating as I was quite fit a few year ago but seem to have deteriorated rapidly.Ive numerous inhalers...relearn Eliot’s,incruse elipta,azithromycin... but still don’t feel much benefit.Ive lots of mucus but carbacistine didn’t really help.I don’t mean to sound negative as I’d try anything to improve my condition but have yet to benefit from any medication.Hope you have more luck with your meds.

Morning 👋

Ooo so sorry you are having so many problems. I am lucky in that my breathing is good unless I get some gunk build up and I can tend to cough it out.

Carbosysteine I think does help me.

I am trying to stay active and would like to learn some breathing techniques...and relaxation techniques too.

How long have you had rheumatoid arthritis? I didn’t realise they could be connected?

I certainly hope you feel better soon and wish you a very Happy New Year 🥳🎉


Hi. Yes, I have a hiatus hernia and Bronchiectasis. I can’t remember where I read it but you are right about the acid damaging the lungs. I use omeprazole for the acid reflux and the lung doctor increased the dosage because of the bronch. Welcome to the club no one want to join!

Ha ha...yes, hotel California...😂

I have been prescribed lansoprazole for acid reflux. I did also have whooping cough in my would be good to have a schedule on this site where everyone can add past likely linked conditions (if they want) to see the main common denominator/s.

In the meantime we are what we are..

Happy New Year

I hope it is a good one for you 👋

Hi. I had a hiatus hernia, reflux for which I have had surgery for. Now been told I have bronchiectasis in right lung. Some damage from the acid must be present as I have pain in same place in my back/chest on and off. I am in throws of sorting out my medications with local Hosp who aren't very great. Still get lots of infections despite being on ranitidine, I am hoping to get sorted out soon. Good luck. Hope your docs are helpful.

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Hi there 👋

Hmmm...seems quite a complex condition with lots of variations between people. I believe they do an op for acid reflux now that involves electrical stimulation which helps the sphincter work properly?

I get an ache around where my bronch is. I am sorry you have so many infections..I hope you get the flu jab and manage to avoid any nasties around.

Certainly hope your New Year is a good one and let’s hope there is more research into this frustrating condition.

All the best 👋


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Hi. I have had a fundoplication done and hernia repair which has helped, but still get some reflux with certain food groups so I avoid them now. Had my flu jab too which does help. Just hoping I don't get too many infections in 2019. Keep well. X

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Many thanks...there is a lot to consider.

Will make some nite & ask more questions next time.

Happy New Year 👋

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Anna6 in reply to yarwoodad777

Happy new year too. X

Please see my reply to cooperman. Bronchiectasis is not scarring of the lungs. The alveoli (air sacs) in the lungs and the airways become floppy due to infection. The causes for this are many, from childhood whooping cough, repeated pneumonias or chest infections, asthma, inhaled substances ( such as a peanut) gastric acid, etc etc. Mucus collects in the damaged part of the lungs and airways on a continuous basis. If it is left there bacteria breed in the lovely warm wet atmosphere and that causes an exacerbation. Fastidiously clearing the mucus from the lungs not only helps to rob the bugs of a breeding ground, it helps to breathe easier because the mucus is not in the way.

It is a very complex condition. Generally it does not spread easily or quickly although another incident such as a pneumonia or more acid damage can cause further areas to develop. I hope that helps.

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Hello Littlepom,

Thank you...yes, I fully agree and understand your message. My consultant however told me I had scarring on my lower right lung that had hard mucous stuck to it that would need to be removed and so I am waiting for some special physio but being NHS it is so busy and pending appointment.

Apparently on my diagnosis it says ‘significant right basal bronchiectasis’

Confusing about the ‘scarring’?

Many thanks and..

Happy New Year 🎉👋

Hmm, a physio is nice to have as they can shake your chest whilst you do your breathing and this helps to get it up. However, they will only be doing it once and you do have to learn how to do it yourself. We all get mucus ‘stuck’ in our lungs and this is why we use various meds, inhaled saline, various vibration devices such as a flutter or aerosure and breathing exercises every day to loosen it and get it out. Hopefully the physio will teach you these tecniques.

Whilst you are waiting look on you tube for cyclicle breathing tecniques and expelling mucus. Start now to practice it. It is tiring. It is tedious but it is the most crucial aspect of gaining control and managing your condition. Maybe by the time you see the physio you will be able to show them proudly how you are getting it out.

I have damage all over my lungs so in terms of bronch you are fortunate only to have it in the right basal section. A consultant calling it scarring says to me that this is either a general respiratory consultant or they are using a term which they think would be easy for you to understand. The more knowledge you aquire about your condition the more power and control you will have.

It takes time to get a grip on this condition but I am sure that you will.

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Thanks so much Littlepom, so good to have this information.

I certainly will look at you tube & try it out.

Sorry you have it all over your lungs...I am very lucky.

Sorry for at work 👋

Could it be that you have both, ie bronchiectasis AND scarring? That’s what I was told after having CT scan, breathing tests etc

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yarwoodad777 in reply to Rattle

Ooo maybe? I will ask next time. It is a little confusing...😂

Many thanks 🙏 & Happy New Year

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