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A birthday wish

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Well today is my ....omph... cough, cough birthday. A lady does not reveal all you know. But I just thought I would share with you something I did which saved a few of my friends trips to shops, or the constant brain ache of what to buy somebody for a birthday, especially one that is so near Christmas.

What did I do, I posted on facebook a fundraising exercise to raise money for the British Lung Foundation. I thought of all of you who hold this group together, all those who have lung problems and all of those that care for people with lung problems.

The net result is at the time of writing I have raised £160. I hope that this news warms the cockles of your heart as much as it has mine.

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Happy birthday to you 🍷🍷🌺❤️

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ledge in reply to

oooh,,, thank you.. xx

Many Happy Returns and very well done! 👍🙂

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ledge in reply to Don-1931

I didn't do anything really... It's my friends that did more. But thank you for the birthday wish.

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Don-1931 in reply to ledge

You said " I hope that this news warms the cockles of your heart as much as it has mine." and it did. I don't let just anyone mess with my cockles. 😉

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ledge in reply to Don-1931

I like a man who keeps his cockles under control :-)

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Don-1931 in reply to ledge


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Have a very happy and wonderful birthday 🎂😊 Bernadette xx

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ledge in reply to Damon1864

Well thank you ...

A very happy birthday .. I don’t do fake book but such a nice thing to do 🥰

I dont do it much either, but this seemed a good idea to me to use social network to an advantage

That’s totally amazing. What a wonderful thing to do ledge. Xxxx

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ledge in reply to sassy59

ps... I hope your Pete is getting better too

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sassy59 in reply to ledge

Thank you, he is slowly. Xxxx

Thanks Sassy.... I didn't do it for the praise, but I kind of like the new puffed up feeling I've just got.

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sassy59 in reply to ledge

I know but you are ledge...ledge. Xxxx

Good for you and a very happy birthday. x

Thank you hypercat...

Happy birthday,that was very generous of you and i do hope somebody gave you a special present on your omph cough cough birthday as well.

Ski,s and Scruff's xx

Well I am the proud owner of birthday unicorn slippers.... Ha Ha I just laughed at something. Suppose someone had given me hedgehog slippers... ( or even one - after reading my last posting here) wouldn't that been a hoot.?

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Piperava in reply to ledge

Happy Birthday to you and well done in raising the money. 🎂🍾Xx

What a wonderful thing to do. Happy birthday to you. I hope you’re having a lovely day in your unicorn slippers 🦄 🦔

Thank you for your good wishes... All those good wishes for my omph, cough cough birthday are as warm and snuggly as my new slippers..xxx

Happy Birthday 🎂 ledge . I hope you had a wonderful day. 🍫👑🎶🍨🍰🍒💐🌟 And nice job the fundraiser. It's such a thoughtful thing to do. xx 🙋🐕

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ledge in reply to Caspiana

Thank you for your good wishes... I'm off to bed soon, smiling happily - its been a lovely day. Nearly as perfect as your village! xxx

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Caspiana in reply to ledge

Good night 🌙🎄⛄😊

Hello Ledge. First of all Happy Birthday 🥳 and secondly what a really fab thing to do on Facebook. Let’s hope there is plenty of money made. 👍🤓💶💷

Well the £160 already made exceeded my expectations... so a result there - not including the lack of tramping round shops or head scratching on what on earth to buy me by my friends. I think that's called win-win in the trade! Thanks for the good wishes too. Its really nice to get special wishes xxx

Brilliant thing to do !

Hope you had a great birthday

Best wishes


Happy birthday and congratulations on your scheme. Well done. And I am not going to mention cockles of the heart or anywhere else. It seems to lead to some strange and dodgy innuendo, all perfectly innocent I am sure but I am steering clear.

Love and hugs

Kate and an puzzled Zebra who has nothing to do with cockles.


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ledge in reply to Katinka46

Thank you, Kate, for your good wishes., At the time of writing, I never knew that cockles would go in that direction either. Willful little blighters are dem cockles. I am sure Zebras can be far more biddable xxxx

Sorry a little late but just read your post. Happy birthday!!! and well done for raising money for BLF a great thing to do!

Goldie xx

Well done you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🍷

Fantastic idea. Happy Birthday 🎂 xx

Happy Birthday!🎂🍰🥂🍬 have a great day, and we'll done for the Facebook thing, I'm not on Facebook myself so won't see it, but we'll done. X

Happy Birthday beautiful ,what a lovely thing to do !! Bless you xx

Happy birthday 🎂

What a lovely gesture x

A Very Happy Birthday to you Ledge, That is a Lovely thing to do for BLF, I may do the same next week, mine is the 18th. I have recently Donated to them as my Hubby had his Head shaved and the proceedings were for BLF. My Breathe Easy Group are a Good Team and Just last week at our Xmas dinner we raised Funds from The Xmas Raffle we had. carry on celebrating your Birthday ledge. Lots of Love. Carolina XXXXX

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ledge in reply to Hacienda

Thank you for your birthday wish Carolina. I wish my December birthday buddies an excellent birthday too. It is my intention to celebrate my birthday, or at least being able to celebrate my birthday, just by being here for the next 364 days - right up until the next birthday - then continue the process ad infinitum until my candle is finally puffed out...

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Hacienda in reply to ledge

Hi Hun, I feel the Same too, Though it depends on when I get My Transplant, I aim to have quite a few more Birthdays yet. We Keep Strong & Positive as best we can. Love n Hugs XXX

Happy Birthday to you. That is a nice sum raised for the BLF and very thoughtful of you. Not only that it is the most in thing to do for your birthday these days. Hope your day is a good as you would like it.

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ledge in reply to katieoxo60

Thanks for your good wishes... So it is an in thing... well I never, I'm finally in with the in crowd after all these years. This birthday is getting better and better! xxxx

Well done and happy birthday mine coming up soon too have a lovely day 😊

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ledge in reply to

Thank you for your good wishes. Birthday Fun for you too December Birthday Buddy xxx

in reply to ledge

Thankyou have u got anything planned

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ledge in reply to

no not really, all play it by ear. Weather and lungs permitting xx the joys eh?

in reply to ledge

Bless you hope your lungs will give u a break to enjoy this special day 😊

Well done! And Happy Birthday!! xx Moy

Happy Birthday to you, hope you have a brill day. What a lovely thing to do, well done x

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. After all age is only a number!!!

Well done on a brilliant idea. That’s awesome.

It may be a number, but I often wonder how did it get so big??? Not that Im complaining, its more like where on earth did all that time go - and so quickly too.

thank you for your good wishesx

I once asked my son how was it that I have lived so long.

There was a long pause before he replied.

Luck mom?

out of the mouths of babes... as they say :-)

A well deserved birthday wish happy birthday ledge

Happy birthday, ledge 🎉💃🎂🥂

It’s been lovely reading about your special day, especially your kindness to us all through BLF....our flag bearers! Good thinking, ledge....!! ❤️

Belated Happy Birthday.

Brilliant ledge. Hope you have a good Day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. XXX

Hope you are having a lovely day on your birthday


Hi ledge. I did exactly the same thing and raised £160 too. I am delighted with the result and I am also chuffed that you did it as well, every penny helps and we have helped xxx

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ledge in reply to Christina1941

Well done you, so that's £320 raised that they wouldn't have had. it's a nice feeling.... that's for sure, Although I didn't do it for the praise - It did give me a warm glow - so glow on with with Christina xxx

Happiest Birthday... Many happy wishes to you!!!🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

Happy Birthday to you!!

Well done you and happy cough cough birthday !🎂🍸

Hope you have a wonderful day 🐞

Happy Birthday hope you've had a great day 🎂 xx

Well done, and a belated happy birthday.

Well done and Happy Birthday. Sorry the wishes are late been one of those weekz🎉🎈🎊

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ledge in reply to Spacecat1

Yes.. its been one of those for me too.... but thank you all the same xxx

Belated birthday wishes 🎂xx

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