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how is everyone doing,havent written in awhile .have been doing really good.i dont really have any breathing problems.i have been really good i havent even used the inhaler for like 3 weeks,it seems i can do anything now and i am not having any problems, but tonight i used the inhaler for the first time in 3 weeks and i dont even think i needed it.its just sometimes i think to much and fear creeps in and i take the inhaler cause of fear.i wish this would not happen,it was happening alot in the beginning but now it doesnt happen to this normal and can taking the inhaler without needing it hurt me? my fev numbers are in the mid 60s but my symptoms are almost non existent and the dr. told me i was mild.i eat well and exercise cause i just want to stay where i am but as i said there are still rare occasions now where fear creeps in and i worry to much and get over anxious and take a puff when i dont think i need it.hope to get completly over the fear eventually .any suggestions

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I used to be like you at the beginning, with all sorts of thoughts whirling round inside my head. It will take a little more time, but you will become climatised to your condition and get used to it. I have got used to it and accept that I have limitations with severe COPD. I quietly cuss it whist I am struggling to do something, but for most of the time I don't dwell on my condition. Although I think I will always be alert, subconsciously, to the smell of smoke or the sound of somebody coughing and spluttering though. I hope you can achieve the same "quiet state of mind" that I have found.

As 2greys says, you will get there hope132 just one day at a time. Focus on things you enjoy doing and get out there and live life to the full. You’re doing well, keep doing that.

Wishing you good days ahead. Take care xxxxx

I think what you are experiencing is fairly normal to be honest. I have a very positive outlook and yes doubts and questions still creep into my mind at times. I think part of it is not knowing what the future holds but and it is a big but! You cannot stop living. As others have said live for the now, be positive. Anxiety is perhaps the worse part of any chronic condition, however do not let it rule you.

As 2greys says try to get used to it, think of other things like a hobby and the exercises, and avoid crowds or people with colds.


Have a chat with your GP.i was the same felt really good and happy and healthy then a little cough I would start to panic gp said it was anxiety and my doctor knows I don't worry about things but said these things happen and put me on a mild sedative which helped me remain calm. Maybe try kalms from the chemist but make sure they know what medicationyou are taking good luck.

Good to hear you’re less anxious now. I suppose we are all very anxious and uptight at the beginning of getting to grips with our conditions. I’m a mild bronchiestasis and for most of the time am good but I can be quite ill every so often. Keep seeing your practitioner when things are bad and rejoice when they are good. Take care x

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