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Still Blooming Lovely.

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7.30 am Took a Photo of my Lovely Blooms, they Looked so Happy & Peaceful, Thought I would Send that feeling to you all. Carolina XXXXXX

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I'm jealous 😒 It's been so hot here everything's quite wilted 🥀 and droopy. Your plants are lovely, thanks for the cheer.


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Hacienda in reply to TomTitTot

Glad they made you smile Tom, It has been very Hot here also, Midlands, I have tended them every day and fed them a bit of Bio now & again. XXX

How colourful and what a great sight to behold on a Monday morning. Thanks for sharing.

Have a good day. Xxxxxx

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Hacienda in reply to sassy59

Thanks Carole, They make me smile, and I'm happy they got through all the Heat that we have had. Hope your Both well. Carolina XXXX

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Lyd12 in reply to Hacienda

Youhave tended them well, they look lovely. My pots of petunias (they have not been dead headed often enough) and lobelia, fushia and geranium, still have some colour but look a bit straggly, maybe I could trim them back a bit?

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Hacienda in reply to Lyd12

Yes Iris, I Dehead ,mostly the Petunias Daily, I find The Geraniums have to have most Cutting back, but then they come back with greener foliage and flowers are budding still. I never Understood "A hosepipe Ban" xxxx

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Lyd12 in reply to Hacienda

Mine got rather neglected during that long hot spell.

THey got watered but not enough dead heading. Will see what I can do for them today, don't want to turn them out yet.

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sassy59 in reply to Hacienda

Doing well thank you Carolina. Hope you’re well too. Xx 🌻😘💖

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Hacienda in reply to sassy59

Yes Thank You Carole. I'm Well. xxxx

Now isn't that just beautiful all those vibrant colours lovely,thanks Carolina

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Hacienda in reply to

Your Welcome Ger. XXX

Aren’t they just gorgeous. I love flowers and these are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. X

It has all the appearances of a successful robbery at the local florists,well done you carino.

Ski's and Scruffy with some dead strawberries and local gorse and

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Hacienda in reply to skischool

Planted & Neutered with my own Green Fingers, But they do look like they came from a Florist. My Niece congratulated me, she is a Florist . xxxx

That’s just beautiful. Such joyous colours 🌷🌹🌸🌼🌻 Thanks for sharing and bringing brightness to my day.

What beautiful flowers 😊 I wish I had green fingers when it comes to flowers but sadly I don't😂. I shall enjoy yours instead dear Carolina! Muchas gracias 😙❤🌻🌼🌺🌹

Gracias Guapa, I do love Flowers, I hope next Year I will have the garden full of them. hasta Pronto XXXXX

Yes, but I couldn't hatch Baby Chicks, I may have green Fingers, I think yours were gentle yellow ones. XXXX Besitos.

Bless you yes maybe you're right 😉😊. I get to enjoy your flowers at least❤👍 xxx

Beautiful ☺ x

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Hacienda in reply to mas7656

Thank you Mas. xxx

How lovely most of mine have been and gone . Just have a few geraniums and fusias left.

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Hacienda in reply to Chriskho

So sorry your's have gone Chrisko, I did Think Mine would go after all the Heat of July, they did wilt a little, But, I tended them every day and I love to see them every day ,then evening from my Kitchen Window, a little Baby Bio Food in Water and De Heading every day. xxxx

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Chriskho in reply to Hacienda

I’ve tried my best to keep them going but most things came out early this year. However I have 2 pots of geraniums that I’ve managed to keep going for 5 years!

Oh, they're lovely! Salvia, Petunias n Geraniums, I think.😊🌻✌️

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Hacienda in reply to Dubba61

Yes, Thank You, Your Right, I have wild flowers in my little wild garden, Don't know all their names as Yet. I will be planting these there once they have wilted. xxx

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Dubba61 in reply to Hacienda

That'll be nice. I love Wild flowers. 😊🌻✌️

All the colours of the rainbow....they are very beautiful.

Meg xx💐💐💐

So beautiful, bet you spent hours watering them during the heat wave. My grass is just begining to come back green amazing how resilient it is to weather change, wish we were too :) :) xx

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Hacienda in reply to katieoxo60

Morning Katie, I have Just watered then now, as I didn't yesterday thinking it would rain. I have also Diluted Bio Feed in a Large Jug to feed them. Yes, my grass has also Rejuvinated itself, Wish I could ha ha . Hubby's day off so, if it doesn't rain today, he has a Lawn to mow.

We have only been in this Bungalow for 1 year and the Garden is so Big for Disability Living, But, It has kept me supple to move & bend more easily. Still lots to add to the garden, I buy Led Lights from B&M, (on offer now) my Garden Lights up of a Night time, Flowers Bright and happy in the day, Bright happy Lights in the Night. Hope your Feeling better today Katie. Best Wishes, Love n Hugs. xxxxxx

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katieoxo60 in reply to Hacienda

Could do with a bungalow myself, but I noticed many of them have big gardens & big prices for their size. Guess I will have to stay put for now. I did alter my garden last year to save work and have someone to do the lawn in the rear, can still manage a bit of weeding and watering xx

Beautiful! xx Moy

Just beautiful. So colourful, it's been running close to an 100 degrees for about two months so the sun would take care of the flowers. Enjoy 🐞

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