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Hi after two weeks of struggling on the phone and GPs. Flying with Delta from Heathrow to Milwaukee only using Delta they don’t require Doctors note only a form to fill in , info on my InogenOneG3 and amount of batteries I have which is two 16cell and one 8 cell that should cover me for flight duration. Now I have to book flights so IF info is correct. We should be ready to go in September 2018

Any thoughts on this is appreciate d my GO and respiratory seemed not to know about fitness to fly etc ?????I live in Soffolk. Thanks Sam

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Hi Samjeff, sounds like you're sorted but if you type 'flying' in the search box on the top right of the page, you will find many topics from members covering aspects of flying will come up which might be useful.

Samjeff in reply to James48

Thanks James48 once we pay for flights that’s it no refund so hoping info from Delta is correct Sam

HuwieHex in reply to Samjeff

More information here from Delta website:

Samjeff in reply to HuwieHex

Finally 🤗I’m almost round the twist with this issue Thankyou I got the bit I was missing from this site it’s a phyisions cover note to be filled in by Doctor required by Delta... Delta said I didn’t need GPs

note only a proof of my g3 is FAA approved and that I have 150% of battery life you can’t always trust what people tell you over the phone either they don’t know or get it wrong. Still have a way to go but going to give it a rest

For the weekend Thankyou HuwieHex and everyone who’s been kind enough to help me 🙃 sam.

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