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I am 73 years of age and new to the forum, and have IPF, finally diagnosed in April 2018 I had problems.originally in 2011 and had a lung biopsy, they thought at that

time that I had IPF but after working on my fitness I managed to get my

lung capacity back to normal for someone of my age, and it was thought

that I might have had a bad infection.

I have been Ok for a number of years but started having problems again in

2016 and now suffering quite badly, I would appreciate any advice, I have just

started pulmonary rehab and was thinking of trying POWERbreathe, has anybody

with IPF had any success with this equipment.

Best regards


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Hi TOG :)

I don't have IPF but I have used the power breathe. I think any effort made all adds up to fitness. PR great start and exercise ongoing of course, any aid, any kind of exercise, all pays off long term I have found and variety of different exercises too, hope you will find your fitness level improving again before too long and soon you are breathing easier.

Best wishes BK

I don't have IPF so I can't give you any info or advice but I wanted to welcome you. I'm sure someone who knows more than me will be along soon. Take care, Sheila x

Firstly welcome.

I had a look at the powerbreath but it seemed to help those that are fit or athletic? But I may of just looked at the wrong review site?

As for PR the first time I went it helped me loads and taught me some great breathing techniques. I have recently been diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension so they will not take me on now! It does sound like you have a good regime and attitude, just keep that glass half full and you will do just fine I am sure.

Be Well

Welcome to the forum. There are several here with IPF. Your attitude is amazing. Well done.

I don’t know anything about POWERbreathe. The only thing I would say is that IPF is very different from COPD, which I am you will have realised, is the commonest of the lung diseases, so a lot of advice and help is directed to COPD sufferers. And I think in particular breathing exercises need to be approached with caution for those with IPF. A respiratory physiotherapist would be able to advise you best.

All the best and keep going, you are obviously doing as much as you can to help yourself.


Hi Tatty, Join the club!! Same age, same condition, biopsy etc. All I can say is I really benefited from pulmonary rehab and tried to exercise my lungs. I also joined a Breath Easy Group and although no one has IPF it is good to meet others for mental support.


Hi, welcome to the site, I have emphysema and have tried the Powerbreath unit. It is quite hard work as it can be adjusted but it does improve the breathing to some extent. It exercises the diafram to make it stronger and push a little more air into the lungs. When you already have weak lungs with damage to the walls & air sacks it can't do anymore good, I've had to give it up.

Keep up the exercises, eat well and walk as far as you are able without overdoing it.


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