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Think I have a begging of chest infection


Hi all I think I have the begging of a chest infection my breathing not good and I feel just un well . Have tried to get doc appt but non going I have tried telling girl on end of phone why I need to see doc but no go. My question is do you guys think I should just go to my A and E dept .i don't have a rescue pack at home. Thanks in advance . Lyn x

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Yes, do not take any chances, go to A&E straight away. The sooner any infection is nipped in the bud the better.

I would also say yes.

I would follow 2greys and mrsmummy advice....

Hope you feel better soon.


Thank you guys I will go tonight .will let you all know x

Feel better soon Zack. Xxx

Yes I agree - look after your urgent needs first but when you are better I'd advise having a word with the practice manager. This isn't good enough.

Hi wouldn't take any chances with your lungs so I agree with the others. Make sure you tell the hospital what has happened and see if they will have a word with your doctors to give you rescue meds to keep at home. I hope you feel better soon. x


A&E on your way if you havent been already Zack it's as simple as that as most are saying sooner meds are started the better if it's definitely a chest infection and don't be appaligtic because you have apparently gone through the right processes..system under strain yes but there's something wrong best of luck.Ger

Yes you are important so go to A&E soon as poss, explain the situation and get sorted out quickly.


yes. ive been advised that if cant get appt or its weekend, bank hols etc... Alwzys need a rescue pack.

I was in the same boat go to a e and then sort out with your doctors

Yep.... and get a rescue pack. A sample of the contents of your lung is a good idea so that they are sure to give you the correct antibiotic.

Yes Zack I would say go and get yourself sorted.I'm saying this because at the moment I'm going through a horrible time.Besides not being able to get appointments at the GPS they seem to have a very strict policy on patients going to them with coughs I first visited mine 7 weeks ago after having a barking cough for a couple of weeks, I couldn't see my usual g p so I saw a lady locum who examined me and said my chest was clear she sent me packing with a piece of paper which gave information on what a cough is she gave me no medicine saying they are useless.3 weeks later l saw my own GP he examined me and gave me some thing to collect the sputum in but no medicine saying it will run its course. A couple of weeks later l saw another locum who said it was probably coming from my sinuses but because I was an ex smoker packed in 15 years ago and worked in the chemical industry most of my working life I should have a chest x Ray as a precaution.Got an appointment for a couple of day later and on the same day got a call off my GP to say that a shadow on my lung was seen on the x Ray since when I've had a C T Scan and then a Pet scan I'm waiting on the result.

I remember seeing something on the TV which said see your GP if you have a cough for more than three weeks it could be something serious.Is this all because they don't want us to have ante biotic in any circumstances.This attitude is going to cost lives.

Sorry Zack didn't intend to scare you . If you can't see your GP then yes go to A and E .good luck

Bob K.

I hope all goes well for you Zack55

Thank you all for the replays I thought I would give my gp one last chance this morning I did get to see a doctor and yes I do gave a chest infection on antis now. But he was not happy that I had to wait so long to see him .told him I fad explained to lady on phone so he is looking into it . Thank u all. Again. . Lyn

Go Girl Go ASAP and always but always have a reserve pack of anti's and steroids. Good luck. xxx

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