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Irregular heartbeat


I recently attended assessment for pulmonary rehab, and it was discovered that I had an irregular heartbeat, so could not do the 6 minute walk (I walk 1.5 hours everyday with the dogs) so not sure why they would not let me do the walk. I have been told that I need an ecg and that they would write to my doctor to arrange this. I have made an appointment with the doctor, but as usual it is in 3 weeks time. Does anyone know what could be the problem with my heart and is the copd related to this? Any help and advice would be really great.

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Some reading for you.

Strange not discovered before, as it can be a cause of breathlessness.

Ask you GP for a early appointment.

Whitneydane in reply to stone-UK

Thank you Stone for this information, it was very enlightening. I am hoping I can get the ecg done fairly quickly and use my appointment with the doctor to discuss the results.

Best to wait and see what the ECG shows and what your doctor says. Wishing you well. Xxxx

Whitneydane in reply to sassy59

Thank you sassy, I am a little concerned as I don’t have any other symptoms, but now worried it could be serious. Guess l’ll just have to wait.

There are lots of reasons, but it is important to get it properly diagnosed and, if necessary, treated. I have permanent atrial fibrillation, and although I have had 6 mwt I have never finished one. Please try not to worry too much xx

Thanks for your reply. What do you mean by “6 mwt”?

6 minute walk test, which they are not letting you have until your heart is sorted out. You walk up and down a measured length for 6 minutes and they measure your oxygen levels. I have both heart and lung issues and they have not yet agreed whether my heart or lungs cause the major problems, but my situation is very different from yours as I was born with heart problems. The most common cause of irregular heart beat is atrial fibrillation, and there has been a campaign in the NHS to diagnose and treat it.

Thank you very much for your reply.


Hi whitneydane,try not to worry too much. As you probably saw in my recent post I have just walked 3 miles downto Petra and back with bronchiectasis, atrial fibrillation and dilated cardiomyopathy. Once you know exactly what you are dealing with and get the correct drugs you will be able to pace yourself and carry on.x

Whitneydane in reply to Hidden

Yes littlepom, I did read your post - well done. I have been struggling a little with hills whilst walking the dogs, and have been pushing myself, but recently decided to change routes to keep to flatter ground - much better. I thought it was my lungs, but suppose it could be my heart. I waitanxiously for a diagnosis. Thanks for your comments.

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