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Update on research


Hi everyone the research project on COPD did ring but did not ring back on Friday as agreed, so still don't know if I fit their criteria. Just received my pin badge saying not all disabilities are visible but the irony is the colour scheme makes it difficult to be read easily unless close up. :( On reflection I hope they did not think I was joining the COPD research for money reasons when I filled the form in I did not know there was a small cash bonus for doing it.I can travel back and forth to the project free with my bus pass and it is the only one close to me.

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No one thinks you are doing it for the money, research is vital so well done. Have a lovely day.😊 Bernadette xx

There is nothing wrong in doing it for the money as well. I guess it depends on the state of your finances... x


I went to one for Cholesterol and they refused me a as had to many conditions? Plus the person hat took my first blood test was a butcher.

katieoxo60 in reply to Offcut

Hope your well Offcut. I did research for the NHS at our local Hospital around seven years ago to do with Asthma and Emphsema, but the ones in Birmingham would not accept me for most of theirs but they did do a free bone scan on one. Can't win em all, but it can be a way of highlighting how good or bad your conditioin is too. Enjoy the sun , I'm indoors as my lungs don't do well in heat

Offcut in reply to katieoxo60

looks like my do not as well :(

Badge no good for blind people then Katie!!

No matter how many times I explain to people, organisations etc the importance of colour they just don't get it.

I don't mean just for me either.

Tried telling HU that blue...recently started for notifications is the worsse ever...they know best.



katieoxo60 in reply to Bananas5

You got it in one,its blue and silver, the silver reflects off the blue in light, only one inch wide approx. I can't read it unless I angle it, have a similar problem with silver letters on the bank cards then when the silver wears off can't read the numbers at all. OH well guess we can't make one that fits all needs x

katieoxo60 in reply to Bananas5

We need one in braille too x

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