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Thank you Respiritory Team

Good Morning everyone. I joined a while ago but l have not been viewing for while .

I was diagnosed with COPD nearly two years ago when l was admitted to hospital for 3 nights. ..........l have possibly had it for much longer as often wondered why l was struggling. l also have asthma which l have had with me for over 45 years .

I am writing with nothing but praise for a Respiritory team that have been to the area where l live. twice a week from South London. Sadly due to lack of funding this will be the last time they are able to come here.

We exercise and are given advise and talks about all types of chest conditions and how to cope with them. There is a brilliant DVD you can get free to continue the exercises at home.

We are blessed with a group that started up in An area near me in East Sussex about two or three years ago, which is growing in numbers , run by a lovely lady and soon to be helped by the "Breath Easy" group.

I feel l have to challenge myself , as if l don't l know from experience , for me l can soon go down hill..... and have great trouble walking up hills and there are lots where l live !!!

I do really really appreciate it can be so difficult , almost impossible for some people ,as l have met people in my groups on oxygen, and people much younger than me , who due to accidents with toxic substances at work are very debilitated,

I also understand that there are not self help groups in many areas , but if one comes to your area try and attend it if at all possible.

So thank you British Lung Foundation and the Respiritory Team.

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What a lovely post Amisi and I do wish you well in your fight against COPD. Take care xxxx


Thank you sassy 59. Well the COPD will never go away so l live with it as best l can ... day to day... there are people far worse than me. Stay positive l say, but not always easy when trying to fight off an infection or virus. Thank you for your kind words and best Wishes. 😊


That sounds great. We have nothing like that in my area.


Hi that is such a shame. Have you been in touch with either your nurse at your surgery, or the BLF to see if they have any suggestions because l had no idea there are groups going on around where l live. Best Wishes 😊

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