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Last CT Scan

Just been re-reading my last Scan results the summary below. They sound worse than they are really - the doctor explained most and was not really concerned about the rest. One thing I noticed is that she completely ignored the heart bug did point out that the aesophagous was a lot more open than it should be and that I have a Hiatus hernia but I have known about that for a couple of years. Conclusion is below if anyone can read the medical jargon:)

Patchy air space opacities and ill-defined tiny nodules in right middle lobe, superior segment of right lower lobe and lingual of left lung with subcentimeter right hilar and mediastinal lymph nodes likely infective in etiology.

Paraseptal emphysematous changes in bilateral upper lobes.

Mild fibrotic changes in right lower & left upper lobes with bilateral apical pleural thickening post inflammatory sequeala.

The more i read it the more i think it aint that bad but who knows :)

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I certainly don’t know Andy but maybe someone else will be along soon who can help. Xxxx

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Hi again:) not really asking for a diagnosis just trying to understand the jargon:) I wish doctors would use plain language:)

Thanks for your concern if helps with keeping on going even for things not really co cerned with the forum.


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