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Curious Me

Hi all,

The post about vitamin supplements being able to cure Emphysema in mice got me to thinking bout what "cures" are out there in the WWW.

I found some interesting things but being a skeptic I really wonder how these things can work or if they don't work how people can be so cruel as to get the hopes up of people that perhaps are looking for anything that will cure an incurable syndrome.

I have seen herbal remedies that can - feed the lungs and help healthy lung tissue growth and alveoli and bronchi regeneration - reduce the elastin degradation - facilitate the replacement of the scar tissue with newly regenerated lung tissue - and other things.

I am pretty sure that if most of these things were true then the medical profession would be all over them and jumping for joy. I have no doubt that a lot of natural remedies can help alleviate the symptoms but as for meeting the claims of some of the writings and articles .......................................................

Please please please prove me wrong and prove the claims - I would love to be able to say "I AM CURED".

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The problem is that there are always going to be gullible people around and those that take advantage of them. I would dearly like to be able to prove you wrong, but sadly I cannot. There are glimmers of hope in research, for future generations though, but nothing concrete.


Yes the world is full of innocent gullible people and also full of people willing to take advantage of them. I agree for our generation there is not much hope but science is always shifting the boundaries and I am sure that many incurable illnesses will be curable for the next generation.

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Andy the main problem out there is Google! Many claims are made on the net for supplements, treatments, various illegal drugs the list goes on and on. Basically not one claim is backed by any real research. The laws governing claims are different in America. In the UK before you make any claim you must be able to prove it without doubt. In America you do not. I have investigated them all. Most are nonsense some are to the point that smoking twenty a day would cause less harm than taking the cure. I once looked at a quoted research centres address...on Google maps. They claimed to have research labs, an academic facility contained within the grounds except it looked very much like a 3 bedroomed house to me. Behind the gloss of the organisation there is always someone hoping to make money out of at times desperate people. There is only one that I have given time to and that's Buteyko Breathing (see YouTube). There as been some excellent research done in Australia.


According to the media and www, eating your vegetables cures everything.


Vodka also helps - drink enough and you really don't care:)


:-) x


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