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breathing in and out

i have been diagnosed in 2016 emp i was just wondering how does one breathe if u have trouble breathing in as well as out i m not there yet but was just curious.

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Hi I understand you have been diagnosed as mild? In which case you will probably never get to this stage. Most people these days die with copd rather than from it and it doesn't mean you will ever progress much unless you expect to live to 120 that is!

Rather than worrying about things that will probably never happen concentrate on living your life to the full. If you think you are suffering from anxiety (very common in chronic conditions) then your doctor should be able to help. x


You should introduce yourself to "Pursed Lip Breathing" (PLB) as it's practiced by folks a bit more advanced in the disease. There're other options but that's a start.


For me the difficulty is in breathing out!

Breathing in is fine but out takes me 14 or 15 seconds to expel what most people would expel in 2 or 3 seconds....


inhale 4 seconds through nostrils then hold breath 3 seconds before exhaling through mouth 3-4 seconds if possible and repeat a few times but in a relaxed way - one of many breathing exercises that you could gently incorporate to daily routine .no miracles but may open airways


Try a singing group or choir where they teach diaphragm breathing. Learning to control your diaphragm and using abdominal breathing can help.


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