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What do I do now ?

Hi been diagnosed with COPD for over a year now. I had flu like illness week before Xmas and chest infection. Chest pain mainly on right side. I have had 3 lots of anti biotics and an x-ray which has come back clear ? I do have osteoarthritis and fybromyalgia which could explain the pain. I am confused at why I'm still bringing up tiny bits of thick sticky yuck ? I have no idea where to go from here ? Can anyone suggest or help please. Many thanks.

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Hi booby. Coughing up phlegm is pretty common for a lot of copder's, from I have read on here and the colour of it, is important, ie, green= infection.

I think you should go on how you feel in yourself and if you don't feel better soon, go back to your Docter for him to listen to your lungs in case your infection is still lingering. xx


Hi Joobie

Yes as Casper said go back to the GP. Chest pain is usually a sign of infection. Although if you are coughing a lot it would give you pain. Still I wouldn’t neglect it. You mention antibiotics but not steroids? Worth talking about it to the GP. You mention an Xray what about blood work? That would define if you have an infection or just an inflammation etc..

Take care x



Hi, sorry this is a long time after your post was put on, but i find if im not sure if i have an infection ask your doctor for some sputum pots. Take a sample first thing in a morning and get it back to your doctor to send off. Really thats the only surefire way to find out. As an afternote, the results shouldbe back in 4 or 5 working days. I say this because one surgery used to take 2 weeks untill i formally complained. Bestwishes.


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