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So the cilia test came back as absolutely fine which is great news for our daughter. Although the trachea and both right and left broncos were still inflamed (2nd degree? I have no idea what that means). The cultures on the sputum came back as normal and the colour has gone back to clear although the consultant did notice an abundance of the stuff. Basically he is now unsure what is causing the issue as he said that she still shows signs of chronic lung disease but at the moment. They are no closer to understanding why (although we have discounted loads which is reassuring). In her self she is the best she has been for almost threee years and has not coughed for 2 weeks which is a first. His plan going forward is to stay on Zithromax to April as her issues seem to be controlled on it. Move her off from April and then take another X-ray in may to see if there still inflammation and I see how her cough has done. If she is ok in her self but still inflammation he things we should do a watching brief until later in the year and if she still has inflammation and cough to do a ct scan. (I am guessing to test for bronchities). I also want to have her retested for allergies (we have only tested for dust mites which was clear and berries which she is allergic too) I would also like to try asthma medicine again as although it was ineffective last time we tried it turned out she had pneumonia and her lower love was fulll of fluid so I would like to see if it would reduce the inflammation. He did mention a nebuliser but wants a new X-ray first. Anyone else have any ideas suggestions? Thank you

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I can empathise with you and your daughter as one of my now adult daughters coughed all through her baby and childhood, but she had eczema as well.

We only found out later that she has multiple allergies ....animals , grass, house dust, some nuts, air fresheners, amongst other things. Can you think of anything that makes your daughter worse? My other two adult daughters have allergies too.

Is there a history of allergies or breathing difficulties in the family....my grandmother, my mother, I and my daughters all have had problems . And now my little grandaughter has an annoying chesty cough. Five generations .

I and the daughter with the baby, have hard flooring, a high HEPA vacuum and an air purifier in the hope that they will help. And no pets anymore.

I hope your daughter finds some relief from the cough soon, its debilitating I know. Make sure too that she has water available to drink to keep her hydrated ....just small sips at times can soothe the cough.

Best wishes to you all.


Thank you. My husband has allergies to most things (notdogs luckily!) she was tested for dust mites and came back clear but I think having more testing would be beneficial as I don't understand why the information is not going down. Thank you for your suggestions


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