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If I have fibrosis

I need your help in diagnosis what's exactly is the disease and if I have fibrosis

In 2014the CT scan in NHS hospital shows some lung scar and I do not have copy of this scan to show how serious was that and which gravity

Then I am under brompton hospital and everybody is saying I have asthma

But since last four year my symptoms has worsened . I have chronic cough with lots of mucus and shortness of breath wheezing and four times become totally breathless out to f sudden and have to rush to A&E

Do it's not simply asthma for me so I did my CAT scan privately in India as the brompton did not do it despite my request

The CT scan shows that I have bronchiectasis in both lower lobes with poorly defined ground glass opacification

What does it mean it means I have fibrosis

So confuse and please help me to diagnose the proper disease so that right treatment can be taken

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If anyone desire then I am happy to attach CT scan done in 2015


Nobody here can diagnose you enm1sg. Perhaps you could mention all of this to your specialist who can then ask for a copy of the previous scan?


Do not ask for a diagnosis here! Consult your Doctor or Consultant! Pulmonary Fibrosis and Bronchiastasis are different in treatment and outcome.


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