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Oxygen therapy check-up

Hi to all who breath,

Said a few days past I was due for a check. Thought it meant spirometry tests etc. No

It meant blood from earlobes (ouch) for testing, then to the physio for walking tests up and down a corridor. Not easy as we all know but it turned out a bit better than anticipated even though it was ( can I say knackering) or should it be very wearing.

Learned a new tip, like turn up the flow on the oxygen cylinder when moving then down again to the recommended level when at rest. Seems odd but it worked for me today. Go back Feb 1st for second half of tests. So far so good. To all of you out there I wish you the same sense of happy I felt today.

Take care of yourselves.

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Yep I had the blood gases taken from my ear which is much better than the usual wrist artery Thank god... I too have now started turning my flow down when sat doing nothing then back up when moving around ... most people think oxygen is to help with shortness of breath and don,t realise it is actually to do with blood and making Sure we get enough oxygen in our body's so as not to become very low turn blue and pass out ha to put it blunt . It has been a saviour to me and im well aware without my little cylinders and my 2 large concentrators i certainly wouldnt be writing this reply now so your right things aren't too bad x good luck mel 😄😄


Cheers kemety. Its great this forum. Learn a lot from sharing, all helpful. Take care of yourself.

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