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COPD or not COPD ?

I was told I have COPD 4 years ago , had a scan which said 'non emphysemic ' but there was slight scarring on a few airways . . these last few years I have led a healthy as possible lifestyle (I gave up smoking weeks before being hospitalised with breathlessness) and used an inhaler most days . .I work in a physically demanding job and walk my dog daily ..I find I seem quite normal when I am active and begin to believe sometimes that my lungs are close to repair ! The reason I mention this is that I wonder how many people out there are in a similar condition as being diagnosed with COPD yet don't have full blown emphysema but can't quite understand how bad their lungs are . .an ambiguous condition . .I am taking other steps to optimise my breathing such as cutting out dairy products , fried foods etc and try to remain optimistic about my life the next 20 years on from my 50s looking at mending my breathing as an ongoing long term project and minimalise further damage . . I acknowledge that COPD is a chronic illness yet wonder other than myself how many people are in a similar stage and are in a position to improve their breathing .

best wishes all ! paulbusta


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Carry on doing all the right things as they seem to be helping you.

My husband Pete has sarcoidosis and COPD (bronchitis) plus back problems but enjoys each day as it comes.

Best wishes to you and good luck. Xxxxx


My sister is 75 and has COPD she still smokes but yet she isn’t feeling the effects of it, thank god!

Keep doing what your doing :)


Hi Paulbusta,

I was first told that I had asthma, then COPD and had been taking inhalers for COPD. Recently, I was told that I have pulmonary fibrosis, and was referred to the Lung Consultant, who informed me that I don't have COPD, but definitely have asthma, and PF i am awaiting a scan to discover how much more damage is done to my Lungs. It's been a rough year with hardly any energy. Can't believe that I use to be so active in taking my dogs for daily walks, worked as a nurse for many years, and now my life is limited to sitting on a recliner as I have no energy.

Take care, and best wishes.

I'm wishing us all the best of health in 2018.


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